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    MoFi SourcePoint 888 Review and Measurements by Erin

    I'm waiting for Pierre to get them posted on I find it more consistent and much easier to compare and contrast them.
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    AsciLab speakers are about to launch

    These are close to worst case grills. A perfectly circular grill causes severe diffraction as all reflected waves occur at the same distance. It results in massive peaks and nulls. Rectangular grill are not great but definitely better.
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    R3 meta vs Linton measurements.

    Not at all. It sounds just right. Somehow being 6-8" off the wall results in a 4db rise below 100hz, fits the harman preference curve. Overall it's a fairly big room (10ft ceilings and 500cu ft), so it seems to work well in this scenario.
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    Ascend Acoustics Sierra LX Review

    The kefs are pretty much a constant directivity speaker, so the typical narrowing you see above 7khz with most speakers doesn't happen with the r3 metas. You can on the polar response. Try them straight out into the room, basically go for little to no toe in.
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    KEF R11 Meta Tower Speaker Review

    You bought it used or new? From a second hand seller? An authorized dealer or someone random?
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    R3 meta vs Linton measurements.

    Sorry I haven't got back to this thread, just been really busy with life. I did find some time time to take further measurements that I'll add later, but pretty much any changes (decoupling etc) I made did not make any meaningful difference to the response below 100hz. @TheBatsEar, I agree that...
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    Andrew Jones MoFi Speakers

    Question is, when correcting errors using his own measurements, what's happening to the total response and sound power? The EIR is pretty close to perfect with the 8s to begin with.
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    Bookshelf recommendations with no subwoofer.

    The second version was as an old run using the original scan speak woofers with an alternative crossover and all drivers midline. It's the ones he designed before taking some time off for his health. The next and latest version was the one Erin tested and labelled v2.
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    Bookshelf recommendations with no subwoofer.

    I think they need subs for high volume or hometheater use. They show fairly heavy compression in the bass and treble at higher volumes. That being said. They are an excellent sounding speaker, and I very much enjoyed my time with them. Probably the most stable off axis imaging I have ever...
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    AsciLab speakers are about to launch

    Any chance of getting a low diffraction grill for this?
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    Hypothetical Question - Best speaker for equal to or less than $15K USD

    I'd buy the Dutch 8c ASAP ( if I had to buy speakers with the money)... Otherwise I'd buy more stocks
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    R3 meta vs Linton measurements.

    I've been playing around with the R3 meta and Lintons and decided to do up some quick MMM measurements just to get an overall idea of how each speaker is behaving in my space. I wrote some observations as some of the measurements explain some of what I heard, and also raises more questions...
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    Sourcepoint 8 First impressions

    How do they compare to the Revels?
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    MoFi Sourcepoint 8 measured by ErinsAudioCorner

    Thanks!! What you say makes sense. The 10s are also less linear where the directivity hiccup occurs. The 8s look like the sweet spot, and I plan to use a sub, so I'll go with the 8s over the 10s. Just want to wait and see how the 888s measure.
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    Revel PerformaBe F226Be Floorstanding Speaker Review

    Where did you get that polar plot from?
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    MoFi Sourcepoint 8 measured by ErinsAudioCorner

    Not sure what to do. I was thinking of getting a set of mofi 8s as the discounted price isn't too bad, and I'm curious to hear them. But... I'm wondering with PEQ, if the mofi 10 might be the better option. Anyone have any insights? @thewas
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    KEF R3 Meta - Review & Measurements by Erin

    That is a great deal! But not worth switching at your listening distance. The ls50m has exceptional directivity and is near perfect (other than a small crossover dip) if you don't need high SPL.
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    The etymology of woofer and tweeter

    I guess Boomer is already taken ;)
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    Erin's KEF Blade 2 Meta review.

    Maybe you need a PA speaker?
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    Ascend Sierra-1 V2 Speaker Review

    The natural is what I had. It's beautiful and looks better in real life than the pictures on the Internet. Really wish I liked the LX more than I did.
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