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    Your perfect component that doesn't exist

    First choice: The combination of features/performance/price of RME ADI-2/4 Pro SE is good enough for me, if they would just recase it to look like a HiFi equpment form '70s - Either with a classy dark walnut box with a brushed aluminum front plate (think of vintage Marantz receivers), or...
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    Cheap, good, simple ADC

    Oehlbach AD converter might be one contender. It has both spdif and toslink outputs and 24 bit / 96 KHz capability. However, I am not aware of any independent measured performance results.
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    Why use audiophile gear instead of pro gear?

    Couple of reasons that I can think of: - Pro studio gear is not actively marketed to general public, and therefore it is less well known to average customers. - WAF (wife acceptance factor). Professional studio equipment is not designed to look nice in average living rooms. - Audiophile gurus in...
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    Why are single drivers disliked to such an extent by most in this forum?

    Audium from Germany has a rather interesting speaker line based on a fullrange driver and an integrated downward firing subwoofer. Their smallest tower model has a 3" fullrange driver and a 6" x 9" subwoofer, and their largest model has a 4" fullrange driver and an 11" subwoofer. Besides in 4...
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    Has anyone heard of Copland or Canor? (CSA100, AI 2.10)

    Everybody knows that there are components that in practice have to be sourced from China at the moment, but there is a huge difference between that and a situation where the whole product manufacturing is outsourced to China. Personally, I prefer to purchase goods that are made in Europe to as...
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    Has anyone heard of Copland or Canor? (CSA100, AI 2.10)

    Hegel tries hard to hide the fact that their manufacturing is outsourced to China by mentioning just their HQ location, or design department location. Does it matter ? Well, why would Hegel try to mislead potential customers on this issue if it does not matter ? It is not so much about...
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    Has anyone heard of Copland or Canor? (CSA100, AI 2.10)

    A quiet word back to You - Hegel is designed in Norway, but manufactured in China (which is not part of Europe).
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    Has anyone heard of Copland or Canor? (CSA100, AI 2.10)

    I can sell You a dozen magic beans for 5000 €. They have the advantage over Lampizator, that they don't detract sound quality. Copland makes quality products, and that one tube in preamplification stage does not detract the sound quality so much that it would be noticeable. I prefer the Copland...
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    Unpopular opinions for here.

    You forgot Alotta Fagina.
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    extremism in opinions

    Despite its obvious problems, the old system probably had the advantage in functioning as a deterrent against verbal ad hominem attacks, as there was the fear of things escalating into a real physical ad hominem attack.
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    Diminishing Returns, Speakers

    To add to my previous post, not only does the SPL decrease when Your distance from the speaker changes, but the tonality will possibly (or even likely) change too, because of the listening space accoustics. Having the sound remain exactly same everywhere in the room is practically an...
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    Diminishing Returns, Speakers

    Smaller Genelec 83X1 series speakers are designed for near field monitoring, and so are many other smallish studio monitors. Basically, You need to first figure out the listening distance and SPL You want at that distance, and then select Your speakers accordingly. Increasing speaker size does...
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    Diminishing Returns, Speakers

    I think the threshold is personal and depends on factors like: - Required bass depth and SPL. - Required quality of enclosure finish. - Willingness to support unethical governments and labor practices.
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    Audio Note speakers

    Please try to understand: It is the task of the artist and his technology to create the sound - including the effects of overdriven amplification - if that is what he wants to create. The "musicality" is in the recorded sound. The task of the technology used for reproducing the recorded sound...
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    Audio Note speakers

    You are confusing two completely separate concepts: Technology used for creating music and technology used for reproducing music. It's fine for a musician to go for a sound that contains strong distortion and nonlinear frequency response etc... and select his technology solutions accordingly. A...
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    Audio Note speakers

    What makes You think that text represents objectively valid data ? "Musical sound" is just an opinion. The behavior of an overdriven amplifier is a moot point - You don't want to have Your amplifier overdriven when listening to the music. If You look at the measurements of tube amplifiers...
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    Audio Note speakers

    Yes...You believe. You have no valid data to support Your claims. That's all. As for distinguishing between great measuring amp and so-so measuring amp, that simply depends on how bad performance we mean by "so-so". The swings in frequency response caused by the high output impedance of many...
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    A list of Audiophile Fallacies

    Is there a Latin word that can be used to describe a person who claims to hear things that other people don't hear ?
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    Audio Note speakers

    So, please show the results of properly executed ABX tests that support Your claim of the superiority of SET amplifier based systems.
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    Audiophile jewelry - most beautiful Cd players, turntables and other gear

    Start with Fezz Sagita preamp: Add Fezz Gaia MM/MC - phonopreamp: Add Dr. Feickert Volare turntable: Complete Your stylish audio system with Audium Comp active speakers with integrated DSP: Voila!
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