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    End Game DIY Loudspeakers

    which scanspeak bass driver is this please . I have similar ideas to this . Nice to see somebody actually doing it not just day dreaming about it ha
  2. J

    TPA3255 4-channel module review - $12.50 per channel but is it any good?

    thankyou those modules all seem like an affordable achievable first amplifier project and thanks for advise about the smps that's really handy to have a soft start built in !
  3. J

    TPA3255 4-channel module review - $12.50 per channel but is it any good?

    could I have some more information on the modules your using in your main system always on the look out for this sort of thing for active speaker builds .use older pioneer/denon av amps atm but something that could be built in and cut down on boxes would be good
  4. J

    Active DSP DIY speakers, for testing a few ideas

    how do you like the dewalt thicknesser next on my list for my little workshop not sure if I should get this one or the smaller one .
  5. J

    Dyn Audio MW182 8-Inch Woofer (Car Audio Product)

    are these the same as the 24w100 xl ? or is it just superficially similar with same size cone and vomioce coil etc . just confirming this is a 10incb not 8 as written in the title ?
  6. J

    New desktop project using Dynaudio and Seas drivers

    really nicely executed so far . I like dynaudio drivers too interesting use of an old center channel I think there's a few older dynaudio speakers about with some quite decent drivers in them
  7. J

    SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 based desktop project

    think I'll make the speakers in a way that the mid high section can be exchanged for a diff one if we don't like what we start out with . shouldn't be too hard to do with a studio monitor industrial style of design
  8. J

    SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 based desktop project

    OK thanks I'm building a wall mounted system for my son . I'm torn between this or 4 fatial 3fe25 or peerless tc9 in a little array . they will be supported by a 12inch sub each side .
  9. J

    SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 based desktop project

    has your opinion about these drivers changed at all ? do you still consider them as excellent as you did ?
  10. J

    Fane 15-300TC 15" full range speaker based project

    sealed ? or vented please
  11. J

    Selection of "best" drivers for a series of speaker projects

    any updates on these ? it's a cool project
  12. J

    TempoTec Sonata BHD Pro Portable DAC & Amp Review

    could this be used as a desktop dac or hidden inside an enclosure in say a diy amp ? I missed what the input Is I'm guessing usb ?
  13. J

    SB Acoustics SB20FRPC30-8 based desktop project

    I'd just using these for Mt could the volume be reduced to very little ? would you think it would be realistic to wall mount some shallow versions of these if supported by a sub ? thanks
  14. J

    I made a pair of things I call "The Hurricane".

    thank-you that's really good information I need to make a decision where I'm going next ha I have so many diff ideas I can't start them all at once
  15. J

    I made a pair of things I call "The Hurricane".

    how is that illuminator ? how do you feel when you fire them up is it like yeah I can hear where that money went ? really interested in finding the best midrange bar none allways going back and forth between dome and cone midrange then I think I'd really like to try the radian plannar if I'm...
  16. J

    I made a pair of things I call "The Hurricane".

    exactly which mid is that ? did you build the plywood box then slide the mdf in afterwards ? what's that in between the ply and mdf ? I've toyed with doing something similar but was going to construct the plywood first for ease of construction ie being able to screw together then clad with mdf...
  17. J

    Considering a DIY Sub - got a favorite?

    what size roundover did you use on the front please and we're the speakers cncd or handmade ? thanks
  18. J

    Mackie HR824, repair or rebuild?

    bass was pretty good on the newer ones of these I had like you said not quite sub levels but pretty powerful . what do you think of the avi speakers in your picture and also the castle ones I'm not sure i recognise the model ?
  19. J

    Chromecast alternative or similar for HD audio

    this is helpfull .I thought this might be the problem I'm having with mine could you leave the case open if uts tucked away somewhere out of the way ?
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