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  1. Juhazi

    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    Just kidding... 16.000$/pair
  2. Juhazi

    Show us your bicycles!

    My bike is clone - Nopsa Fleur. Third similar structure bike was Tunturi Poni. Original Jopos had a pressed steel frame that was welded from two left/right mirrorlike sections and a hinge. Modern ones have ovoid tubular frame like Poni and Fleur. The idea was to make it fit for children from 10...
  3. Juhazi

    Show us your bicycles!

    My faithful companion from 1970s after wash. Which one to choose today?
  4. Juhazi

    Linkwitz LX521.4 Review (and measurements!)

    Multichannel DSP is needed to match acoustic delays of signals from each channel. This should be done outdoors without room reflections, but including floor in case of a floorstanding speaker - mic located on ground at 3 meter or more, speaker tilted. indoor at 1m is ok above 400Hz. Dip between...
  5. Juhazi

    Show us your Cars

    I bought this toy car, R53 Mini Cooper S -04. Cheap and needs fixing...
  6. Juhazi

    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    Yesterday evening was spent in a concert listening to the songbird Diandra "Music of Divas" setlist: Peter Gunn Theme (The Blues Brothers) What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion) The Winner Takes It All (Abba) Skyfall (Adele) Finnish Paradise Island (Antti...
  7. Juhazi

    Yamaha WXC-50 AUX IN goes through the preamp just like digital inputs. At least volume control works in my units (2) I don't use them regularly, so I had to attach a DAP... With web browser...
  8. Juhazi

    Yamaha WXC-50

    WXC-50 has a little switch on the backside panel, which enables volume control. Turn it to "Preamp"
  9. Juhazi

    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    Link to NRC measurements of Revel F206 (2014) published in SoundStage Measured at 2m, spl corrected to 1m distance...
  10. Juhazi

    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    Smoothing of spl graph is very helpful. Most publised data use 1/12 or 1/6 octave smoothing. But 1/3 or 1/2 oct match best with listening impression Gating time makes a difference, look at my pics here. Frequency-dependent windowing FDW removes some artefacts. Here 15 cycles which seems to be...
  11. Juhazi

    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    About reflections and room modes... One can "see" modes easily from REW wavelet spectrogram. Second is waterfall with default settings and third is raw impulse. In impulse wiev you cannot see the frequency, only timing and magnitude of reflections. Below bconline's measurement of Revel ant...
  12. Juhazi

    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    Some users were worried about loosing high freq accuracy with long gating. This will not happen noticably! Here animation of my indoor small room responses of same 0-15deg off-axis measurements. Same data but different fixed gating, same right window type. And distortion of same on-axis...
  13. Juhazi

    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    Seems like your noise floor is too high to evaluate distortion. Something in the room resonating at 120Hz? Some gadget making noise and distortion at 1kHz? Anyway nice effort and fun to follow! Please spend some time to tune your technique - do lots of tests with various changes - one at time...
  14. Juhazi

    Measuring Some Vintage Speakers

    bconline and napilopez, please show also distortion dB from REW! THD plus 2nd to 5th harmonics - and noise floor. Looks like your amp had same voltage/gain setting Actually distortion dB and fundamental is enough, it uses variable gating I guess, and presents on-axis spl very well in same pic...
  15. Juhazi

    Show us your bicycles!

    Here's my baby sleeping... The weather has been terrible, either -20C or 20cm more snow - I guess I rode it in October the last time. Skis are more practical now... Crescent 24-speed SUV with mechanical disc brakes. I bought it after my Nishiki was stolen 5 years ago.
  16. Juhazi

    Cover me I'm going in! - Post your favorite song covers.

    Too much rock'nroll around here...
  17. Juhazi

    the female voices of 70s and 80s pop

    I'm surprized that Karen and Eva haven't been mentioned yet... And two Finnish ladies that can't be forgotten! (Maarit video is from 90s)
  18. Juhazi

    Poor man's directivity response measurement technique

    Nice, but what is "new" here? Impact of distance was interesting and new evidence to me, because "normal" speakers and dipoles behave much better. I have been using REW since 2012 and overlaying measurements is very basic. Indoor measurements present a challenge from reflections, gating is...
  19. Juhazi

    Recommendations needed for a replacement for a miniDSP active crossover

    I have no regrets moving to pair of 2x4HD from the broken 4x10HD. If I remember right it doesn't accept 4x10 xml file (less channels and different sw). At first I set parameters as same as 4x10 manually, but I have tweaked them when I got a new mic. I use REW to measure acoustic response...
  20. Juhazi

    Who Owns Roger Sanders Designed Speakers?

    If someone is interested...
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