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    What speakers do you currently own?

    main system: SB Acoustics Satori ARA's with the Be tweeters and Textreme mids. 2x 12" SB Acoustics subs. The other system: ADS L1290/2 - all components were rebuilt by Richard So back in 2019.
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    Superphon Revelation Preamp/Phono Stage Vintage Review

    Agreed. Another endorsement for Peter. He has done 2 NAD pre-amps and 4 NAD power amps for me and they all turned out great!
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    McIntosh MC 427 Amplifier Review

    Especially those who participate in SPL competitions: I remember seeing some amps able to go as low as 1 ohm.
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    McIntosh MC 427 Amplifier Review

    I feel like a lot of the old stuff from back then were very good quality. There was some crap, but some very good. I still have gear from back in the 90's. I'm running a 1997 model Alpine head unit that is still going strong.
  5. J

    McIntosh MC 427 Amplifier Review

    As a long time car audio enthusiast, it's great to see some reviews here. @amirm Thank you!
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    Concert photos

    Not the greatest of photos, but here is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss last year at Red Rocks Colorado. It was a spur of the moment trip for us. Wonderful venue and a great show by one of my favorites. Most all other concerts I was at was way before we even had cell phones to take pics.
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    Hard to find sub amp??

    I use a pair of Outlaw 2220's for my subs with a mini DSP Flex. Works great, seems well built and the price is a bargain. Obviously though, needs a separate low pass active crossover or DSP.
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    SOTA Pyxi Phono Stage Review

    Yes, there is a fix, but I will be working with SOTA and Mr. Wyn Palmer on an exchange of my unit for another with a fix. To their credit, both Mr. Wyn Palmer and SOTA are very proactive with this. It's good to see this type customer service still exist :)
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    SOTA Pyxi Phono Stage Review

    Thank you. I've been working with Mr. Wyn Palmer and we determined the issue.
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    SOTA Pyxi Phono Stage Review

    Thanks for your response. Wish that other companies that frequent this site would take a more proactive approach like this. SOTA has not yet responded to me so I'll reach out to you if I don't get anything back from them in the next day or so. I've known of SOTA since like around 1980 or...
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    SOTA Pyxi Phono Stage Review

    I bought one of these Pyxi's and it has a terrible ground loop issue that I can't get rid of. A direct swap with a Pro-Ject S3B I have in comparison has no issues. I sent SOTA an email and waiting on their response. If I can't fix it, I'll be sending it back.
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    Vintage amplifiers that could challenge or approach current state of the art amplifiers

    That brings back memories. I bought one brand new...back in 1978 I think it was. Wish I still had it :)
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    Has anyone reviewed crossovers?

    I have the K231 and use it to low pass my subs at 60hz. Works fine for that duty and the electrical FR measurement is accurate and like using the output gain control to quickly adjust the output level, but my unit has a nasty, terrible hum/buzz unless I ground the chassis. I do not use it to...
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    Amir's 2023 Pacific Audio Fest Report Continued

    6ft speaker cables - $23,500.00 1m interconnects - $10,780.00 Good grief, Charlie Brown!
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    FS: MiniDSP 4x10HD

    I have this listed on Ebay for $550, but will sell for $500 plus shipping if paid directly via Paypal. I am the original owner and I purchased this from Parts Express about a year or so ago. In excellent, like new condition. Comes as shown in original box and packing. I will also include a...
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    Suggestions for Hafler DH220 service?
  17. J

    Suggestions for Hafler DH220 service?

    Don't know where you are located, but in the US.... I've had several NAD pieces redone by Peter Williams at Quirk Audio. Excellent, honest work. I've also bought a redone Hafler DH200 from Vince at Audio Proz. Did a fine job on it. Either place should be fine.
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    Speakers from last century that you love

    Me too. I had Richard So rebuild all components about 4 years ago. So they'll probably out live me.
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    Expectations vs. results

    My opinion is that a lot of vinyl vs. digital depends on the mastering job. I have vinyl where the mastering is superior to any CD mastering I have found. I also have CD's where the mastering is superior to any vinyl mastering I ever listened to. The mastering can make all the difference I...
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