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    This dog will make a great audiophile!!!

    Huge miss on the chance to call it Saltines of Swing.
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    GoldenSounds passes apparently ABX test for DACs (NOT Really)

    No, testing headphones are so expensive because they, along with the tone generator used with them, have to be able to reliably reproduce the required frequencies without distortion at the required levels. The higher the frequency, the harder that is. The headphones are measured and calibrated...
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    GoldenSounds passes apparently ABX test for DACs (NOT Really)

    The shape is only part of it though. We can compensate for that, it just costs more money and most places don't want to spend that money without good reason. There is some studies that show high frequency audiometry can detect hearing loss early and be used to help come up with treatments for...
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    GoldenSounds passes apparently ABX test for DACs (NOT Really)

    It is because at those frequencies, the individual's ears matter a lot so you need specialized equipment. Most places that test hearing do so for occupational testing or for basic hearing aids. From their viewpoints, getting that specialized equipment is mostly unnecessary. In the case of...
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    GoldenSounds passes apparently ABX test for DACs (NOT Really)

    Especially given how hard measuring hearing ability over 8kHz even is. Most professional audiometry gear doesn't go that high for a reason, you have to use something special. An ABX test only shows he heard a difference between the two samples. That very well could have been distortion caused by...
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    Topping D50 III Balanced DAC with EQ Review

    I'm going to answer this is an way that probably wasn't intended by you or the person saying RME has better filters. For me, RME offers more DSP capabilities that can be applied to two separate headphones at the same time with independent volume control. In return, it has fewer PEQ filters. For...
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    Hifiman Ananda Nano Headphone Review

    It's unfortunately a lot to do with their design choices for this headphone. They have other headphones with other design choices that perform much better. You'll find flat bass on all of their open back headphones since a closed front volume and open back volume creates a flat bass. They'd have...
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    Using AI for Review Thread Summaries?

    I gave Gemini a go for recommendations and got this: I find it interesting that is used more flavored language. It also seems to have made up the measurements on some. Did copilot answer measurements accurately?
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    AI and Future of Music Production

    Non-human concerts are also a thing. See Vocaloids and the Tupac hologram concert. The Vocaloid ones even have some degree of audience interaction. Similar to Vocaloids, I assume AI artists might be their own niche. I hope so anyway, but I also assume AI will be much more human sounding than the...
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    HIFIMAN Susvara Headphone Review

    Boy am I glad I was never fully convinced that these were that great. Everyone talked about how stellar these were. I can't imagine spending that much considering what I've seen of their build, not being better than the Ananda, and their apparent sound quality. I'll stick with my Venus (Sundara...
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    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy?

    Stereophile has some. Different format but a lot of good info. I have one too.
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    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy?

    I must have made a typo. I think I meant C268.
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    YouTube cracks down on ad blockers

    You can always mute on your DAC/amp.
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    SMSL D400 Pro Balanced DAC Review

    Still waiting for PEQ. Maybe one of these days I'll have a reason to sell my RME.
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    Fiio R7 Android Streamer Review

    I wouldn't say popular but it isn't negligible. Most of them don't offer much other than a battery separate from your phone. Otherwise a phone + portable like a dongle or Qudelix is better. All of the Android ones use similar processors to the one here or worse, pretty much never better. The...
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    Fiio R7 Android Streamer Review

    Depending on how loud you listen, but the Topping G5 is quite powerful. I personally use the Qudelix for a headphone with 103dB/v sensitivity in SE mode with EQ but I also don't listen very loud. Qudelix app says around 73-78dB.
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    AKG N700nc m2 Measurements

    I got a pair for $80 on sale and they didn't quite sound like these measure but I only used them in BT mode so maybe there is different processing. That said, the ANC was sub-par and the comfort was not there after more than 15 or so minutes. The small cups were the limiting factor. Sony XM line...
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    Resolve's B&K 5128 Headphone Target - you can try the EQ's.....

    Report me all you'd like. You linked me to a post about binaural audio. It didn't really touch on anything involving this discussion. None of that justifies the claims you've made about the B&K being better or the claims you've made about reasoning, physics, or the conclusions from the things...
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    Resolve's B&K 5128 Headphone Target - you can try the EQ's.....

    You should re-read what you wrote. Standards follow research. So B&K should not be the standard until the research is done. You keep saying science and physics but I don't think your understanding of those two things is correct in this case. You keep saying physics shows this, science shows...
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    Resolve's B&K 5128 Headphone Target - you can try the EQ's.....

    But that doesn't mean it does it significantly better. Just because it has an earlike feature doesn't mean it is better for the purpose. You need to test to show it is actually better. I am not aware of any such tests. The previous GRAS rig was able to predict measured levels super accurately up...
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