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    Cassettes are making a small comeback, why?

    I doubt pencils will ever be as popular as they were back in the day, because BIC started making pens that were truly backward compatible with cassette technology :) .
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    What speakers do you currently own?

    Kef LS-50 Kef Q100 JBL Stage A130 JBL Studio 630 Energy Connoisseur C-2 Sony SS-CS5 Yamaha NS690
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    The 67-year-old hearing test results! You need hearing aids.

    I'm turning 68 this week and haven't had a hearing test in decades. I equalize for my basic speaker anechoic issues but won't think about any kind of hearing aid until I can't hear normal conversation etc. If my ears have a few issues I can't see myself trying to equalize for them because I hear...
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    JBL Studio 630 and Studio 698 - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Thank you so much for the schematic! The 750nF and 510nF caps are incorrectly marked on your drawing. 1nF is equal to 1/1,000,000mF so they would actually be 750,000nF and 510,000nF. Thanks again for your work!
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    JBL Studio 630 and Studio 698 - Review & Measurements by Erin

    Hi Dan. The traces are the places the solder points are. They are more like "islands" in this case but serve the same purpose as the thin traces you were expecting. The area inside the red outline is the trace, for instance.
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    JBL Studio 630 and Studio 698 - Review & Measurements by Erin

    The large green"pads" that have solder points on them are the traces. They are just large to keep resistance low and to handle the high current. They are coated with a protective coating that is green. One slightly disturbing thing is the long wire ends of one of the components that have not...
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    Review and Measurements of Crown XLS 1502 Amp

    Over the years (I've had mine more than 10 years) the Crown XLS has surprised me over and over. I have several other amplifiers with much higher SINAD but the Crown continues to please me more in sound, specifically the bass and midrange. Most of my other amps have much softer and less impactful...
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    A Call For Humor!

    Quantum entanglement?
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    Two audiophiles walk into a bar... (finish the joke)

    Two audiophiles walk into a bar, go up to the counter and place their orders. The bartender responds "I'm sorry gents. We don't have any alcohol that I can serve you.". The two men, taken aback, reply "I don't understand, we can see the bottles full of alcohol behind you.". The bartender...
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    1970s and 1980s Students! Reveal yourselves

    Led Zepplin Stairway to Heaven and anything else related to Lord Of The Rings that many uni students were reading at the time.
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    A Call For Humor!

    Yikes! Wolverines are scary! They can hold their own in a meeting with a grizzly!
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    Bricasti M1SE Stereo DAC Review

    Wow, I guess I just learned something on their website for the latest version. Apparently I was not understanding some basics. The website says it is "point to point wiring". After building many tube amplifiers using point to point wiring, I just found out that circuitboards can be considered...
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    Streaming inferior to Cd and vinyl? Sinéad O’Connor – I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got , comparison between CD, vinyl, streaming from Amazon, Tidal...

    This is very interesting. I have been streaming Amazon music for about 6 months and just played back some of my CD rips on JRiver media player with the same EQ settings used in JRiver as I use in EqualizerAPO/Peace. The difference in sound is not trivial to me. The CD rips are clearer, with...
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    Digital Volume Infinite Encoders slow and need many rotations. Why is that?

    My favorite interface/DAC volume control is the MOTU M4. It is a single rotation, with a clearly marked line on the knob with hard stops. I'm not sure about other's use but for me, I use the interface on a PC that browses the internet as well as streams music. The sometimes huge differences in...
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    Topping PA5 Review (Amplifier)

    While I don't want to minimize the problems some are having with the PA5, I also had noise and crackling start in one channel but I was able to unplug the TRS connections, and clean them with alcohol which, in my case fixed the issue. It seems that, along with the input devices being upset by...
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    'Headroom' is a measure of the badness of an amplifier. The bigger the number, the worse the amplifier.

    I'm afraid I am now in the position of defending the OP, to a point. All these comparisons of more or less "dynamic" power are usually comparing apples to oranges. Let's take two identical amplifiers. The very same circuit and devices. One has a huge regulated power supply and one has a...
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    Axxcess Forte 1 with 'Tesla Coils' - legit or snakeoil?

    I would expect all of those coils to add RF to the unit and ruin it's performance. I doubt I'll ever hear about them again :). If they really had an idea that worked, they would provide test data. They may sell a few to well heeled hobbyist's but it's unlikely to go further, in my opinion.
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    Dunlavy Speakers

    I was quite interested in the Dunlavy speakers, back in the day. They used cheapish VIFA drivers that I used in a couple of designs I was working on at the time. They were using the D"appolito configuration (Dome tweeter in the middle, a midrange both above and below as well as woofers above and...
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    JBL Studio 630 and Studio 698 - Review & Measurements by Erin

    I've been listening to the 630's for a couple of days with EQ based on Erin's measurements but have become dissatisfied with the sound so today I removed the mid frequency EQ and left in the EQ to remove the bumps at 1.5k and 3k. It sounds much more natural in my room like that. The mids were...
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