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    Great "live performance" recordings? (any genre) This recording is amazing to hear and watch for me. Puts me right in the the center of the concert. And on the other end of the spectrum:
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    What items have you purchased as a result of ASR?

    Revel F208 Audiophonics Hypex NC502MP based amp. Truthear RED IEM - nozzles too big for my ears though. Topping DX5 DAC
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    Reference Quality Electronic Music

    Swedish House Mafia - Paradise Again........I see Tourist mentioned, the gold standard of that genre.
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    Amp and Sub Recommendation - Revel F208

    Not really recommended, lol, it just showed me how the subs were able knock out some pretty big dips in the FR at that XO point.
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    Amp and Sub Recommendation - Revel F208

    I'll also share I had been running my F208's on a Parasound HCA-2200II amp and after the 3rd repair in five years, decided to give the Hypex 502MP from Audiophonics a go, and it has plenty of power. I do wish I had a 3 channel amp, but my Yammy RX-A3080 seems power the C208 and S206's just fine...
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    Amp and Sub Recommendation - Revel F208

    I have them for side surrounds in my 5.1 system with LCR 208's. I mean, they work and make the surround sounds, lol. I had Paradigm Studio di-poles before, and these are bi-pole. Both worked well for enveloping sound in movies. My concern for the surrounds weren't for music playback, but they...
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    Acoustic curtains

    I decided to buy some custom sized "soundproof" curtains to help with reflections and slap echo. Besides the noise reduction claims, there wasn't anything else scientific posted about them. I can say they are very thick, seem well made and do help with the slap echo I had in the room quite a...
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    The state of the art class D AUDIOPHONICS HPA-S600NC and AUDIOPHONICS HPA-S400ET sound different, though there is a caveat here.

    Since I've wasted my time reading this........I'll at least let you know your post helps nobody and you clearly don't know the audience.
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    Truthear x Crinacle Zero:RED IEM Review

    These are only the second pair of IEM's I've ever purchased. I put some Spinfit tips on them to compare, the same that provide a great seal on my iBasso IT01's, and my ear canals got warm fairly quick while trying to do some listening comparisons. Not a comfortable feeling. I guess between the...
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    Revel F208 Tower Speaker Review

    Ha, I have mine crossed over at 100 Hz for smoother in room frequency response. It was hard to do, but the measurements don't lie. The 2 15" Rhythmic subs definitely add a little extra, but I have no problem throwing the AVR in pure direct mode if I feel like it.
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    Audiophile music player for Windows/Mac and your opinion...

    Old skool simple here.......Winamp with a WASAPI plug-in for output. Milkdrop visualization spinning on the 82" TV while sipping a beverage.
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    Wanted: 2 Chromecast Audio devices

    Hi, Looking to pair up 2 different AVR's in house with the same audio signal via my phone or HTPC. If you have toslink cables to go with them, interested in those as well. Send me a PM with price. Thanks.
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    Class D amp recommendation

    I went with the Audiophonics NC 502 model on the cheap. So far, so good.
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    Do NCore have buzzing noise?

    Got my Audiophonics LPA-S500NC today. Relay clicks for on/off and it is silent at the unit at idle, and nothing noted during a listening session. I can hear the faintest hiss at the tweeter of my speakers with my ear about 3" away. Connecting a trigger cable to it from my Denon X4700(connected...
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    Dirac Live standalone for PC and Mac

    So what I am seeing is that if I'm just running Dirac Live Processor, any of the audio options make me pick a bit rate to output audio, and keeps it at that rate similar to Windows DirectSound. If I select ASIO, the software errors out and closes. Anyone else experience this? Noting above...
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    Improving a HTPC audio chain.

    Ultimately, it seems I'll work on getting the best room correction to improve sound. I know my software playback options that can present an unmolested audio signal from the PC, I can stick with the Yamaha AVR for DAC and bypass YPAO, if software Dirac works out. Otherwise I give up on software...
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    Improving a HTPC audio chain.

    I've have/used the HC version, and see this is more actively developed. I really hope they revive Winamp as has been stated. I'll keep going back to it because.....Milkdrop visualization. I thoroughly enjoy it with my music. It is amazing that there is still no modern software that can best it...
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    Improving a HTPC audio chain.

    I've just done room treatments about a month ago after repainting the room. Bunch of 4" panels form ATS and Acoustimac, and changed vertical blinds to some "acoustic" curtains. It was a nice reduction in flutter echo and decay times, but the frequency response wasn't improved much. I'm not doing...
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