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    Is there an AirPlay receiver with digital out?

    I have a WiiM unit too. Also very easy to use with Apple devices and AirPlay.
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    Is there an AirPlay receiver with digital out?

    It's "Apple easy". I have three Airport Express 2nd gen around the house that I use with audio systems. Mine are all firmware 7.8.1 and I use the Airport Utility app to manage them. The units have been discounted for some years now, can't remember the last firmware update came out.
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    Sonos Five Smart Speaker Review

    An other "me too" post. Have a stereo pair of Fives in our kitchen. Been happy and impressed by them. Extremely family friendly due to AirPlay and that they just work.
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    Jamo C97 II with 2 KLH Subs, UMIK-1 with REW and Equalizer APO

    I have some C97 II myself. In my main listening area, I could never get them dialed in. The room is awful for a bunch of reasons. I ended up changing them for stand-mount speakers + 2 subs. Gave me better positioning options. My C97 II are in the garage with a miniDSP DDRC-24 (Dirac) and I'm...
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    AirPort Express 2 vs. other streamer options

    This is me too. I have multiple 2nd gen Airport Express units around the house. In some cases I go from the Airport Express into a DAC or DSP, in other cases I go analog out into an amp. We also have some Sonos speakers, which also show up as AirPlay devices, making the whole setup very family...
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    Buckeye NC252MP Stereo Amplifier Review

    I've had equipment in Salamander cabinets with perforated metal screen doors and no issues with IR remotes.
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    Is it normal to have multiple amps in this hobby?

    Covid was the trigger for me to get multiple amps. Working from home had me using my 2.1 system daily vs mostly never. Had a late 90's system with a Denon AVR. Four amps later, two pairs of speakers, two new subs, and two different miniDSP processors later, I have a 2.2 system that I'm very...
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    M&K S-150THX Speaker Review

    Nice! I have a LCR set of these. Used them paired with 2 MX200 subs and MnK rears. Boxed up for now waiting on the next time I set up a home theater. When Covid hit the upgrade bug bit me and a new 2.2 system crept in.
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    First "adult" Music System

    That system pairs well. Personally I would set it up, fiddle with placement, and enjoy it. You can connect your iPad via USB to the DAC. WiiM Pro is a great way to go wireless. I use one with my set up and Apple devices.
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    Audio stutters with USB Dacs on Macbook M1 Pro

    I have a Macbook M1 Max and Mac Mini M2. I use a single USB C cable to a CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 dock. From there I go USB A to a cheapo USB A hub then to a Topping E30 DAC. From the DAC over to a set of powered speakers. No audio issues at all. I use the setup for Zoom a lot and in between...
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    Audio for ms teams, zoom etc.

    I mostly work from home and on Zoom a lot. My set up is a Blue mic (Yeti Nano I believe) and then a Topping E30 DAC to Klipsh R-41PM powered speakers and a 10" Klipsh powered sub under my desk. I don't care for the speakers for music and have a dedicated 2.2 system in the room too. I do like...
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    Rotel RB-1070 Amplifier Review

    I bought a used one of these in 2020. Kinda pandemic working from home fueled upgrade home office system kick I went on. Paired with a set of MnK S150 speakers I really liked the RB-1070. Then the pandemic kept going an I kept going on updating my home office system. The amp is in a box now...
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    MiniDSP 2x4 HD or DDRC-24?

    I run a class D amp and have music planning 8+ hrs a day. So I leave the amp on.
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    Has anybody been able to use Airplay 2 without the clicks/crackling sound?

    In my main system I go digital out to a MiniDSP Flex. No unwanted noises. I've also added a WiiM Pro to this system to play around with. Also using AirPlay and iOS devices as my source. Sounds the same to me as the Airport Express and also no unwanted noises. In my other systems I'm going...
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    Has anybody been able to use Airplay 2 without the clicks/crackling sound?

    Well I just went down a test tone rabbit hole :) Tried a bunch of test tones. Got some funny looks from our dogs but no pops or crackles.
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    Has anybody been able to use Airplay 2 without the clicks/crackling sound?

    Don't think I've used Airplay for test tones. When doing test tones, I connect via USB to a miniDSP device and run test tones via REW or DIRAC on my laptop over USB to the miniDSP device I'm using as a DAC/DSP/Pre-amp.
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    Has anybody been able to use Airplay 2 without the clicks/crackling sound?

    I have four Airport Express second gen in use. All running 7.8.1. No clicks or crackling sounds on any of them. I'm use iPhones, iPad, and MacBook as sources. I did pick up a WiiM Pro to play with. Works just like the Airport Expresses for me.
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