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    AsciLab speakers are about to launch

    Are the measurements at flipped? The summary says the smaller version goes deeper, is flatter and has a higher tonality score.
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    3e Audio TPA3251 TPA3255 Finished Amplifier with PFFB is coming!

    If you want to be the technically superior TPA3255 amp vendor don't follow Fosi down the changeable op-amp path, just choose the best performing part for your circuit. The kind of people who believe in magic are not your market.
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    3e audio TPA3255 260-2-29A Amplifier Review

    Sure, I'm interested. Finished or even having something like the Ghent case kits for Hypex amp's would be good.
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    Need active speaker recommendation for surgical suite

    And you are sure that active speakers are safe to use in an operating room and won't interfere with the equipment? I'm sure there are standards for things like electrical noise in that environment and I'm guessing consumer products would not meet those standards.
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    New ‘old’Quad 33/303

    Do you know if they are multi-voltage like the old ones? If so, I'm in! Just because I wanted and couldn't afford them as a kid.
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    Spyware In Cars - It's Worse Than You Think

    Why are you out of your sector citizen?
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    AIYIMA A70 Stereo Amplifier Review

    So this seems like progress, the load dependency is mostly gone. My remaining question about these TI chip amps is: is the rising distortion at high frequencies something that is built into the chip, or can it also be cured with external circuitry? I want good behavior, not "good for class".
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    Fosi Audio ZA3 Amplifier Review

    I have no background in electronics, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I would like to question whether or not the gain adjustment mentioned early in this review is a good thing. Yes, you get a slightly better measured (and probably inaudible) SINAD result. The technical reasons for...
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    Banjo music

    And in a different vein:
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    Banjo music

    I don't know if you consider Americana/bluegrass country. The banjo is a traditional American instrument
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    WiiM Amp discussion

    I agree that load dependency is THE issue with 3255 amps, but I don't think going to hypex is necessary. 3e has shown the way: For a few extra dollars and a little more design...
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    Does anyone have any experience with the NuPrime IDA-8 integrated

    Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I have looked at TPA3255 amps but have not found one I really like yet. My Topping DAC (D50s) is fine, but their amps seem suspect. or at least there is a lot of negative talk about them.
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    Does anyone have any experience with the NuPrime IDA-8 integrated

    Thanks for your helpful reply. I did find some measurements here: which are somewhat underwhelming: meets the power spec at 4 ohms but not 8, and the distortion also seems a bit high. All of which may have little...
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    Does anyone have any experience with the NuPrime IDA-8 integrated

    I am looking for a new amplifier, preferably small, 100 watts or so and with a DAC with a USB input. The above mentioned amp seems to meet the requirements, but it has limited distribution and I can't find any third party measurements. There are several gushing subjective reviews in places...
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    Integrated amps with internal USB-DAC that require a driver?

    Thanks for your reply. The current setup is the Pi with Moode sending USB into a Topping D50s, which Moode identified. I think I have some sort of Topping driver on my PC, I don't think I have ever used it. When I was using the laptop for music, stuff just went out over the router's wifi to a...
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    Integrated amps with internal USB-DAC that require a driver?

    So I am looking for an integrated amp and most seem to come with built in DAC's these days. Many fewer have a USB input for the DAC, which I need for my Pi output. And of that small list, most of them seem to need some sort of Mac or PC driver installation to use the USB connection. What is...
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    Parts for Salon 2s?

    I have found B&W to be as bad as anyone. Frequent model changes and poor parts availability for even their top of line models. My local dealer seemed shocked that I thought they should support something for more than 5 years. I'm a cranky old man, and I don't have much use for expensive...
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    Neumann KH120 II

    "It's more than 10 years old now" + "let's assume the KH120 II will be on the market for another 10 years , it will be 20 years old by then" My God man, that old? I am still using a Sansui amplifier I bought 42 years ago in a second system. The improvements since then really haven't been...
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    Audiophonics DA-S250NC and DAW-S250NC : new integrated amps with DAC (streamer) and Ncore !

    Insult was perhaps too strong of a word, nonsense would be more appropriate. The entire history of audio science (as opposed to snake oil sales) is to reduce distortion in the recording and reproduction chain, not add it.
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