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    Anyone watching Lord of the Rings - The Rings of Power ?

    what racist comments were posted here? i dont see any.
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    Spotify Speaks

    320 vorbis is overkill anyway. and im pretty sure spotify has never made a profit. increasing their bandwidth costs will only hurt them more
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    Binaural blind comparison test of 4 loudspeakers

    dude, the OP says not to say anything about your preferences or what you heard
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    SMSL Sanskrit 10th MK II DAC Review

    this DAC has a combined power/data input, if that's what you're asking.
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    Any reason to buy a DAC if you have an Apple USB-C dongle?

    as long as it provides enough power to your cans, you will not hear any difference
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    Steve Wozniak weighs in on right to repair

    the courts. something like this will definitely need to go through congress
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    Steve Wozniak weighs in on right to repair

    it will get struck down if that happens.
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    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    its YOUR OPINION that the prices should be better. neumann torture tests every prototype they make for 1000 hours. and based on what ive read. their products last a long time. the quality of neumanns speakers is fine. unnecessarily forcing companies to use more expensive components "Just...
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    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    it doesnt have to. im talking about the raw performance of the speaker. and the kh 80 is more than adequate in terms of SPL for its recommended listening distance. if you want more bass, get a subwoofer. not everyone wants or is even able to add more bass.
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    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    why? speakers that measure well anechoically tend to be preferred regardless of the room they're in. thats what the SCIENCE says
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    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    then dont buy it lol. the objective performance speaks for itself
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    Neumann KH80DSP Teardown

    expensive components do not a great speaker make. and the kh 80s are very competitively priced for their level of performance. go ahead and make a cheaper speaker with equivalent performance. this thread is nothing but complaining for the hell of it
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    Sennheiser HD 598 SE* Review (headphone)

    legitimate criticism of a review that does not at all represent the performance of an unmodified hd598 is not entitlement. get over yourself. i guarantee there isnt a single person here who doesnt appreciate what amir is doing.
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    Sennheiser HD 598 SE* Review (headphone)

    the replacement pads would explain the wonky response. oratory measured these and they look a lot better
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    Genelec 8040 vs 8030 vs Neumann KH 120

    i would definitely settle with a pair of Kali's. best price to perfomance ratio you can get for active speakers
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    Neumann KH80 DSP Monitor Measurements #3

    it would drive up the cost and there is no audible benefit
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