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    Help fixing upper bass nulls, rear test panel didn't change much

    If you’re still going at it and have some bandwidth you can probably tame everything under that 60 hz to near flat using the multi-sub optimizer (MSO) and a minidsp using all phase filters since you have two subs…though you might need to move one to a different location. Or perhaps some of the...
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    Recommend me a setup (for my kitchen)

    I can share my experience with a similar challenge. Some of my main listening time is the kitchen/dinning room and I’ve locating speakers to optimize the four or so locations that I end up sitting or standing in. I’m using six speakers a mixture of genelec 8010 and 8020 and some Elac dbr 62 plus...
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    How loud do you like your music?

    I was surprised that using this test as prescribed I fall at 70db or so…maybe a little less in the mid 60s. But, I think a lot of it for me is based on lowish background noise. Low 30s if I’m lucky (again using the dB(A)). So 40 dB above background and the a total range of probably 60dB with...
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    Polk ES60 Tower Speaker Review

    For me I have always wondered why, as equalization becomes more available, don’t speakers come with eq optimizations such as those wonderfully supplied by @Maiky76 ? I suppose the answer is that there is no market for that and if a company goes that route they might as well do that with an...
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    XLR to RCA Subwoofer new idea?

    I use the matchbox HD systems recently reviewed here to convert balanced out from my Topping DM7 (which has a non-zero floating ground or whatever it is called so that there is hum if you don’t have an active conversion to rca) to unbalanced in on my sub. It works beautifully. I’m balanced for...
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    Cross at 60 vs Cross at 100

    The lower output below 50 hz for the 80 and 100 crossovers makes no sense to me. Why would that happen? Unless most of the lower frequency energy is being supplied by the mains and not the subs.
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    Sonos Five Smart Speaker Review

    Two things: 1) I wonder how different the measurements in an anechoic chamber would be compared to the kippel given the side angled drivers? Would that matter to how the Klippel does the calculations? 2) I’d love to see some in room measurements of how well the Trueplay works? I’ve always...
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    Poll: How do you primarily listen to audio at home?

    A 6.1 immersive system in my kitchen/dining room/living room designed to prioritize frequency response throughout the room above imaging (i.e., no stable spatial soundfield but excellent sound). I still need to add another sub and deploy MSO so that I feel less of a need to switch DSP...
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    Henry Engineering Matchbox HD RCA/XLR Converter

    Thanks for the review. I used one of these to go from XLR on my Topping DM8 to a subwoofer RCA. Without something like this or the sescom SES-BUB that was previously reviewed here there is a DC offset in the XLR that prevents a simple XLR to RCA cable. I was able to find a couple of these...
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    7Hz Salnotes Zero IEM Review

    Thanks for that info! Do you know how the nearly equal weighting was determined to be the best formulation? I think it would be quite interesting to evaluate directly with listeners which of these parameters are more important. My guess is that experiment has not been conducted, but perhaps it...
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    7Hz Salnotes Zero IEM Review

    So then the question becomes: what is the actual users preference for either: a lower s.d. of the error curve OR a flatter error regression line? That has probably not been tested.
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    How long do your Apple lightning dongles last?

    Yep. I might have worn out a few but mostly I lose them or wind up giving them to my kid cause they lose theirs.
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    Using multiple sets of speakers for stereo?

    Ok. Not sure this is the same thing, but i have been working on my kitchen/dining room/living room area to get excellent sound dispersed throughout. I’m at 6 speakers currently and after once I worked out some phase issues it is sounding great. I think precisely because once I get off axis and...
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    KZ ZSX IEM Review

    For me the Truthear zeros (blue) have been utterly transformative...probably the best audio experience I have ever had. But, I get a superb seal. I think I would try the reds next before these KZ's based on these measurements (i.e., the likely 'resonance' issue). My hunch is that once FR gets...
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    What is the right interpretation of input sensitivity for an amp?

    OMG, thank you from the past. I have been trying to understand how speaker impedance across frequencies will impact the volume of sound and wondering what happens when impedance peaks around 30 or 40 ohms and thus the amp would provide much less power to the speakers at that frequency...thinking...
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    Entire home audio setup

    right, but then add $150 for an active speaker
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    Entire home audio setup

    Yes, I see. This is a topic close to my heart as I to am always looking for these types of things for bathrooms and other spots. I'd be interested in trying these Edifier's with Maiky76's Eq...
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    Entire home audio setup

    The speakers certainly matter but I mean that each room if different. For instance, in my kitchen/living room where I spend a lot of time, I have planned a 6 speaker system with two subs. Genelec 8010 and 8020’s for size and directivity and some Elac DBR bookshelfs as the mains. I’m about half...
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    Entire home audio setup

    Well, TBH, I would choose different speakers/systems for each room depending on what it needs. For the rooms where I move around a lot I want something with good directivity...for under $150 and if I was buying new (and looks didn't matter so much), I'd go for JBL monitors...
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    Entire home audio setup

    I’m all about the whole house audio. I’ve tried many things over the years from running wires everywhere when I was younger to FM transmitters before WiFi was a thing and most recently a bunch of chromecast audio pucks. For me, I’ve landed on a Roon system with a bunch of RPi’s and usb dacs...
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