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  1. majingotan

    Unpopular opinions for here.

    My opinion and subjective preference are definitely unpopular but yes I prefer listening to glowing tubes as they add not just 2nd harmonic distortion (to me the added 2nd harmonic distortion is definitely on placebo level and I'd argue that one cannot reliably pass a proper DBT volume matched...
  2. majingotan

    The IEM Maze - Features - Eartips, Cables, Vents, #of Drivers, Type of Drivers, Shell Material, etc, etc - How significant are these?

    They would think that's no good. The one's they're willing to buy that transcends their IEM to real of gods is this below:
  3. majingotan

    Unpopular opinions for here.

    Low power tube amps and Expanse are a mismatch. You'd have a much better experience with a push-pull speaker tube amp such as Willsenton R8 driving the Expanse, but then again, low impedance and low sensitivity planars are the hardest loads to drive using tubes. Susvara OTOH is a...
  4. majingotan

    Lundahl Sound VC2361 6-Channel Volume Control Review

    Love Lundahl products. Their rectifier chokes, power transformers and output transformers are of very high quality. I use their products on my tube amp and they deliver great subjective sound
  5. majingotan

    432 EVO -$3500 streamer with aftermarket PS and it broke.

    Regarding Post #96, If you purchase a product (that's not a subscription, lease, etc.) shouldn't you have the right to repair or send the unit to a computer repair shop, open up the product and freely show the components? At least with a lot of streamers (Auralic, Taiko Audio) they show...
  6. majingotan

    Do you hear a difference with DAC filters?

    Super slow sounds a bit mellower than the rest due to early roll off at 10KHz. It also produces broken sine waves at 10Khz and above due to reconstruction filter allowing images to seep through the audible band
  7. majingotan

    Shouldn't we upgrade the 20-20 audible range ?!

    You need the max headroom that your ADC allows to avoid aliasing when recording and mixing tracks. For musical playback, a properly designed DAC does not need more than 44.1 KHz to reproduce perfect audio
  8. majingotan

    New Schiit Yggdrasil with TI chip

    Best measuring Yggdrasil MiB gets glowing subjective review, besting the the LiM version both objectively and subjectively: Interesting to note that the word "accurate" shows up two times in this review, possibly correlating excellent measurements with glowing subjective review to a minor...
  9. majingotan

    Dan Clark E3 Headphone Review

    Many reviewers prefer the dynamics factor of the E3 to the ever so slightly more accurate/a hint more damped representation of dynamics from the Stealth. To my HRTF, Stealth is more accurate/refined in the mids to treble region than E3 and as overall is still the best DCA headphone for me. E3...
  10. majingotan

    "Bias" of ASR community towards measurable parameters?

    Objective measurements are objective and by default not biased. Your preference/opinions may or may not align with what's objective and that's perfectly fine. The point is to have a reference of which products are objectively performing and which ones are broken or poorly performing/distorting...
  11. majingotan

    There is nothing holy about the signal

    Tube glow and distortion box add so much more visual cues and sound coloration to my listening experience, letting me experience audio nirvana every time I listen to my system
  12. majingotan

    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    I can attest to the E3 they're amazing both subjectively and objectively!
  13. majingotan

    DAC NOS vs DELTA SIGMA, Who is the real winner...

    Only the snake oil manufacturers would implement such parallel or discrete DS DACs. Reconstruction on far beyond the limits of audibility from DAC with a single chip are already a solved puzzle
  14. majingotan

    The best kind of headphone setup for home theater?

    Any headphone with Harman-like tuning and large soundstage is the perfect headphone for anything (music, gaming and movies). Dan Clark E3 is definitely more than enough for the task. Make sure to still use a spatial audio headphone DSP for subjectively better imaging placement / downmixing of...
  15. majingotan

    HIFIMAN Susvara Headphone Review

    I personally also don’t find any issues with my own Susvara even at near IMAX Movie SPLs (114 dB SPL peaks) but I was responding to the poll results comment from one of the member citing/explaining that jaggy FR graphs + distortion measurements plus the 6K pricing were the cause of ~62% poor...
  16. majingotan

    The best kind of headphone setup for home theater?

    You need a Dolby Headphone (spatial audio DSP) Choose a headphone with wide spatial presentation such as Hifiman Arya Organic or Sennheiser HD800S or DCA E3 or Stealth/Expanse
  17. majingotan

    HIFIMAN Susvara Headphone Review

    It's objectively mediocre objectively hence the poll results. Still don't know what makes you so worked up and truly understand that not everyone that are objectively focused wants poorly measuring gears (at least in THD and max SPL excursion with Susvara) / headphone audio chain setup. Liking...
  18. majingotan

    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    People often say tube amps sound best after playing back a while, but never I have ever experienced that. Playing music after 10 seconds of powering my tube amp sounds exactly the same as when it's been on and playing music past 1 hour or beyond already
  19. majingotan

    Dan Clark E3 Headphone Review

    I think IMHO, you're missing the connection/correlation of those subjective terms (soundstage, imaging, timbre, detail retrieval) to objective terms which is FR, distortion and auditory masking on FR dips and peaks or coloration on FR (as an effect of your unique HRTF). You can hear every...
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