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  1. essence

    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    Mine updated fine on windows, although it did do 1.41 update before going to 1.5. The new active output display is neat.
  2. essence

    Which speaker setup best describes your primary audio system?

    4.1 March Audio Sointuva front, Dynaudio C1s rear & PSA v1500 sub.
  3. essence

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    This sounds like the individual channel was set to XLR + RCA which shouldn't be possible. I've measured the channel balance across my two units and its picture perfect.
  4. essence

    Topping Pre90 - Difference in (volume?) output when selecting XLR only vs. XLR + RCA out

    Those are save states for different configuration (volume, output etc) settings.
  5. essence

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Topping RC-16A the one that comes bundled with the unit.
  6. essence

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    A single remote can control the volume of two units (not sure if this is standard but I did send an email to ask for it) but you weren't kidding when you said you had to be a marksman, I am using them in a desktop nearfield with the remote < 1m from the pre90 and still struggle sometimes to get...
  7. essence

    Stereophile tested a Topping Pre90

    I like this idea! Might give it a try once my unit arrives, but I have a feeling based off initial measurements that it'll turn into a DAC/ADC bottleneck.
  8. essence

    Topping Pre90 Review (preamplifier)

    Picked up two units to replace the buffer stage of my purifi amp. Hopefully it pairs nicely with okto dac8.
  9. essence

    Erin's review for the March Audio Sointuva

    I have a pair with the original tweeter, what surprised me is how much smaller depth wise (its less than half depth-wise compared to my old Dynaudio C1s) very handy for near-field desk placement even though it wasn't designed for nearfield.
  10. essence

    March Audio Sointuva

    This is one of the reasons I have refrained posting anything about my pair, which I've had since earlier this year. It displaced my Dynaudio C1s (which have been moved to rear surround duties.) Looking forward to third party measurements / reviews!
  11. essence

    Trinnov Altitude 16 Review (AV Processor)

    You gain access to object-based audio, aka sparkles. Trinnov (and maybe Storm?) are the only two options when you're after post-processed digital outputs. Wished there was a software solution but I guess its far easier to gatekeep the technology when its locked to hardware.
  12. essence

    March Audio Sointuva Speaker

    Very interested! Hoping for decent maximum power limit, extended warranty that matches similar classed products and maybe a sweet launch deal to seal that 2020 Christmas present! ;)
  13. essence

    Absolute Silence - Server Build & Turemetal UP10 Case Review

    Nice! Was there an original processing power target/goal for the fanless build? I am running a fanless setup with AMD 3600 in a Streacom FC8 which had to be heavily underclocked in multicore loads to avoid throttling, (3.4ghz~ all core) surprisingly it handles single core loads at max boost just...
  14. essence

    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    My unit, order #136 on the 25th May just arrived. Be prepared to wait 4months~ from order to arrival, just a heads up for those plan on ordering. Happy with the communication with Pavel, just be patient.
  15. essence

    Review and Measurements of Okto DAC8 8Ch DAC & Amp

    Still waiting for mine #136, ordered on 24th of May.
  16. essence

    Okto dac8 stereo DAC Review

    Isn't the Mola Mola technically a discrete non R2R DAC implementation to combat disadvantages of both delta sigma and R2R? Am very impressed at this engineering feat achieved by Okto Research! Happy to support a company (my dac8 pro shipping hopefully this week!) willing to invest in such...
  17. essence


    I am lucky enough to be in a location that has a local Denafrips representative that allows me to home demo products. I trialled the Terminator but at the time of consideration there was more than a 3 months+ backlog, couldn't wait so I ended up getting a soekris dac instead. For the price they...
  18. essence

    4.1 (Phantom Centre) Nearfield HT setup advice

    My 4 channel purifi amp for the build has arrived from Audiophonics, very happy with service provided, a few issues here and there but it was more in regards to the shipping company TNT. They promptly switched out the opamps (from OP275 to LM4562) when requested. Shouldn't matter too much as I...
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