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  1. JaMaSt

    Man, it is damn hot still!

    I'll quit complaining o_O Edit: A low of 91 degrees?
  2. JaMaSt

    Man, it is damn hot still!

    The heat broke a day ago in the SW Washington/Portland area. Thankfully....
  3. JaMaSt

    All About UFO's

    Can you stop insulting everyone who disagrees with you?
  4. JaMaSt

    A Call For Humor!

  5. JaMaSt

    Moondrop Chu II IEM Review

    To clarify a bit on the above. You can provide an ostensive example of what a fox sounds like by playing a recording for another person. But try and put into words the tacit differences between how a fox sounds and how a dog or wolf sounds. You can't do it in any "objective" third-party way...
  6. JaMaSt

    Moondrop Chu II IEM Review

    There is a difference between using words to describe a tacit experience (Chu sounds spacious and easy compared to IEM 'X') and saying that something "sounds like a fox." Your two examples are a false equivalence and/or a categorical error. No one sense modality has its own unique dictionary...
  7. JaMaSt

    Let's share placebo effect anecdotes!

    Several years ago I owned the Schiit Modi DAC, the Loki 4-band tone control and the Vali tube amp. I was trying to determine if I could hear a difference when the Loki switch was set to bypass the signal directly from the DAC to the Amp. I kept throwing the Loki switch on then off - and was...
  8. JaMaSt

    What are we listening to right now..

    Watch at your own risk.
  9. JaMaSt

    What is your favorite house curve

    In the mono testing you refer to, are you listening to music that has both the left and right channels blended together (using the term 'blended' for lack of a more technical term)?
  10. JaMaSt

    What are we listening to right now..

    She's like a blend of Margo Timmins and Ann Margret.
  11. JaMaSt

    Extreme Snake Oil

    It's probably because Nordost's cables were made by the same manufacturer in China. There really is no way that a US or EU company can manufacture and bring these types of cables - made entirely of materials made in the US and/or EU - to market.
  12. JaMaSt

    Extreme Snake Oil

    I personally only buy genuine fake snake oil products.
  13. JaMaSt

    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Rocket Science seems like an odd profession for someone called a "flat-earther" by the fan boys on the Tekton YouTube channel....
  14. JaMaSt

    The Bach thread

    Lara St. John is probably my favorite for Bach's solo pieces (with Grumiaux in close 2nd). The mic'ing of most of her recordings are just spot-on, and her counterpoint is engaging without being "shmaltzy" (a technical term). I'd forgotten about this YouTube channel. It really adds to the...
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