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  1. thewas

    Objections to speaker qualifications

    Those links show exactly the problems and limitations of full band implementations, I have used such dodecahedral sound sources for acoustic research measurements, they are typically used in combination with reverberation chambers to approximate a diffuse field.
  2. thewas

    Objections to speaker qualifications

    As said also from others here that doesn't really work vertically due to its size and nature of bending beam modal behaviour. A real close full band 2 pi omni source is quite impossible to implement, for tweeters (for example Plasma) and woofers it might be possible but due to their spacial...
  3. thewas

    Objections to speaker qualifications

    Similarly to the MBL's they aren't true omni but at best axially symmetric in the horizontal plane, but are definitely not vertically.
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    What is your favorite house curve

    The effort with multi subs etc is done to get smooth bass all around the room, at a single position you can fill also dips with EQ but usually this means peaks in other positions which can degrade the reproduction quality. Also such RTA measurements don't show for example the decay times and our...
  5. thewas

    SVS Ultra Evolution

    Not that it matters but my hobby/fun DIY constructions avoid such obvious directivity mismatches, if I had a loudspeaker company I wouldn't bring out such a compromised design at that price, especially since it could have been improved easily without higher cost. But as said that doesn't...
  6. thewas

    SVS Ultra Evolution

    The criticism is that a better engineering with better tuning/crossover, more matching mid, tweeter and or waveguide wouldn't really have driven up the price. Just using large/heavy/expensive components doesn't guarantee anything. The impressively low distortion in the bass doesn't help much if...
  7. thewas

    SVS Ultra Evolution

    Quite a disappointment for me at that price and size especially in terms of directivity and multitone distortion at the tweeter low end: Full review and measurements source:
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    Interestingly Pearljam5000 created the "new" thread exactly 3 years and 1 day after he had created the original one, let's see what happens in 3 years from now. I am betting that he still won't have bought any loudspeakers and keep asking the same questions.
  9. thewas

    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    Nice comparison (with measurements) of the HD600 series models:
  10. thewas

    KEF Q350 Speaker Review

    Some fresh detailed measurements and review
  11. thewas

    Another vintage "Monkey Coffin" loudspeaker reboot/update/retread: McIntosh brings back their ML-1

    Measurements are as expected a mess...
  12. thewas

    Dali Zensor 1 Spinorama measurements (passive version)

    What impresses me is that even their entry series drivers seem to behave well in terms of distortion.
  13. thewas

    Differences in Klippel NFS Measurements Based on Enclosure Thickness and bracing

    As it doesn't appear on all axes (and thus changes also the directivity indexes) equalisation wouldn't lead to an identical result as its "monodimensional".
  14. thewas

    New TAD CR1TX flagship speakers

    EAC has uploaded the review measurement already but not the written article yet, so for now here is just the spin screenshot:
  15. thewas

    Worst measuring loudspeaker?

    Yes, they really sound as bad as they measure, I had the "joy" to listen to them at several audio shows, here I had written about it: I have nothing against exotic concepts...
  16. thewas

    Revel W228Be In-Wall Speaker Review

    As all Revel offerings it shows fine technical performance and tuning with main competition coming from KEF, for example measured in a lower price range or in a similar price class
  17. thewas

    AsciLab speakers are about to launch

    I prefer the directivity of the Neumann a bit more but that is still nitpicking on the highest level:
  18. thewas

    AsciLab speakers are about to launch

    Some nice directivity animations: Source:
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