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  1. Systemdek

    Kanto YU6 Measurements (Powered Monitor)

    I find the 2kHz resonance interesting. It is not showing up in the DI curves or the frequency response (at most it adds a 1 dB ripple), but it is clearly seen in the waterfall plot and the port/cabinet response. Is this resonance audible and, if so, wouldn't it point to putting more weight...
  2. Systemdek

    SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker Review

    The Olive score is really not that precise. It can produce an accurate model (see the confidence interval). However, for the prediction interval you are looking at +/- 1.81 preference ratings. This interval is for the mean measured preference rating. For a single listener, this prediction...
  3. Systemdek

    GR Research X-LS Encore Kit Speaker Review

    Having used them and as well a several different Parts Express binding posts in multiple DIY speakers, the female tube connectors are a very good design. Crimping the wire directly to the female connector is as mechanically secure as you are going to get. Heat up some shrink tubing around the...
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