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  1. Tarzan

    Review and Measurements of Purifi 1ET400A Amplifier

    +1 for the VU meters, I almost bought a Oppo HA1 for the meter. Then I saw one in person and wished I had.
  2. Tarzan

    Are you a headphone or speaker user?

    Headphones now. Easier and more affordable to experiment different equipment and good resale valve.
  3. Tarzan

    Review and Measurements of Matrix Audio Element X DAC/Streamer/Amp

    I wonder if they will make more affordable unit. Less inputs and outputs but the same performance. For example only usb and opt input and only 1 balanced headphone output. I wonder how much that could bring the cost down?
  4. Tarzan

    SMSL SH-8 Headphone amp

    You'll need to check the specs on the AMP but IMO it will be able to drive your Sony MDR Z7 MKII but not your Beyerdynamic T1 2nd due to the high impedance, BUT do not take my word for it. Check for your self.
  5. Tarzan

    SMSL SH-8 Headphone amp

    Hi TJ, I have the stack and am very happy considering the cost. I have HD660s headphones however which are very dynamic and efficient. I looked at purchasing the THX789 but for the price of that amp I could have this stack, and this is my first serious purchase for headfi gear so it made this a...
  6. Tarzan

    2019 CES Asia ---SMSL will bring new product there

    Super interested in that new head phone amp. Hope it comes in silver to match my SU8 Dac, the current matching SH amp needs to be "more" to match the performance of the Dac. I hope this is it. If this amp can match the THX789 in performance and in price it will sell as Massdrop can't keep up...
  7. Tarzan

    Tidal´s catalogue declining

    yeah i have thought this was happening. Certain albums have been removed from some artist's collections.
  8. Tarzan

    Post a picture, a photograph, a drawing, a screenshot, words.

    Wow nice, I wanted a Friesian horse when I was with my ex wife and we had horses. Beautiful.
  9. Tarzan

    Thresholds of diminishing returns for various components

    Interesting question for the general audio industry which is what I think your original idea was?
  10. Tarzan

    Overwhelmed need guidance

    The combo I have is the: Sennheiser HD660s SMSL SU8 Dac SMSL SH8 headphone amp I think this is a very cost effective set up. The HD660's are much easier to drive and the dac amp combo are great, good open sound stage, very detailed, and plenty of power for these headphones for the money, don't...
  11. Tarzan

    Notre Dame cathedral is on fire!

    Very sad, I was only in Paris 2 years ago and didn't get to go there. :(
  12. Tarzan

    Review and measurements of Oppo HA-1 DAC & Amp

    Oh shit I'm sorry, I'm one of those noobs that browse over the pictures but read the conclusion.
  13. Tarzan

    Survey:What kind of products do you want in 2019?From S.M.S.L

    A full tube amp following the SU8 Dac Stack line design. Full class A unbalanced please so the dac can run the balanced solid state amp and the unbalanced tube. Power to be minimum 2 watts please, I can't run the Hifiman HE1000's on the current amp.
  14. Tarzan

    Monoprice Liquid Platinum Headphone Amp Review

    Another great review thank you. I have an dac and ss amp. I would like a tube amp for live recordings for the sound stage and thicker notes. But I feel hybrids (this may not be one) defeat the purpose. A well engineered tube amp would be interesting to see reviewed. Its a shame the Darkvoice...
  15. Tarzan

    Review and measurements of Oppo HA-1 DAC & Amp

    That may be the case, but the balance output has generally higher output? Which in turn sounds different to the single ended usually. Good or bad, and if the item is being reviewed from a "audio scientific" (:) you like what I did there?) approach shouldn't all aspects of the item be under...
  16. Tarzan

    Review and measurements of Oppo HA-1 DAC & Amp These guys are fairly good and are ready now ;)
  17. Tarzan

    Review and measurements of Oppo HA-1 DAC & Amp

    I had a chance to listen to one of these last Saturday with a pair of Hifiman He1000. Sounded good and I loved the display. However with the custom tube amp the owner used with it, the sound took on a whole new dimension. This was the first time I heard a tube amp and liked what I heard. The...
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