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    JBL Stage A130 Review (speaker)

    It's still being sold by various sources in Singapore, albeit mostly on discount
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    Sennheiser HD800S Review (Headphone)

    Unless said headphone resolves the few minor nitpicks they had with the HD800 while retaining its strengths :)
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    Do you think the Fosi ZA3 or Aiyima A70 would work well with such a set up?
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    I do have a measurement microphone (though it's a cheap Behringer mic with proven unit variance) and am one click away from obtaining the A130s XD As for the device to implement L&HPF, I was planning to figure it out later after getting the rest of the stuff and sorting out the necessary connections
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    I live in Singapore, and my budget would be preferably around $500USD. I can get the Polk HTS 12 at that price; the Kube 12 would be $175 more and the RSL Speedwoofer 12S, awesome though it is, would cost $960 including shipping *PS: I intend to pair it with the JBL A130 speakers in a 2.1...
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    Subwoofer Comparison

    Hey all, I'm thinking of getting my first sub! Where I am the only seemingly decent subs which can be gotten at reasonable prices would be the Polk HTS 12 and KEF Kube 12. Anyone has experiences/measurements of them and which would you recommend?
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    Yamaha A-S701 Stereo Amplifier Review

    I just realized the older A-S700 model actually has better published specs
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Static, if say I usually have my EAPO's preamp at -9dB without any EQ, would it be a fair comparison to compare this against your EQ setting with the preamp set to -13.2dB? (iow simply slapping the -4.2dB on top of the -9dB)
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    AKG K371 Review (closed back headphone)

    Not just the K371 for that matter- at least their K553pro as well
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    AKG K371 Review (closed back headphone)

    True, I experienced the same. For me following the harman curve in iems is more reliable than in headphones. Probably because of seal (I wear glasses) and maybe other factors like cup resonance
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review (Headphone)

    If you desire more clarity, maybe swap it for the HD 560S instead? It's also cheaper so you'll probably end up with more $ in your pocket/account :p
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    Genelec 8361A Review (Powered Monitor)

    "For science. Er, actually, Audio Science"
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    Motu M2 Review (Audio Interface)

    I happen to have the Made in USA version of the Motu M2, but am a beginner in recording and no engineering background. As such, I've just made a bunch of recordings in pretty quiet conditions (it was between 4-5am) but have no idea how to test for distortion. I also have not recorded with a...
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    Sonic Lamb Headphone with Subwoofer Review

    Oh, are they discontinued now? I remember having a chance to try them out in Australia before the pandemic hit. Also yeah, bone conduction drivers in iems are a thing as well
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Interesting take as I heard some other members preferring longer tips for the Zero 2 :) Also, with the Spring tips, I do advise sizing up a little to retain a good seal due to their soft and shallow nature
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Hey I was the one who mentioned the Chu 2 :D Chu 2 has more desirable nozzle length for sure, but it shreds some of my ear tips as you might have read and I still prefer the Zero 2 with regards to sound
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    When said IEM is released/discovered for no more than $20 extra ;)
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Ye I have bought hyped stuff costing much more that don't suit me- we learn from the pain :') Although the Zero 2 still seals well for me, I totally agree that its fit and nozzle length is noticeably more problematic than the average IEM. Also, it's true that Simgot IEMs are known for being bright
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    KZ ZSX IEM Review

    Can't agree with this enough! Also, tip sizing isn't standardized across the different tip brands, and even if their exact diameter is provided, not all tips of similar diameters seal identically due to different physical material properties and shapes. The resulting effect on seal and depth of...
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