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  1. oldsysop

    Yamaha A-S701 Stereo Amplifier Review

    And best of all, it's not class D. Thanks Amir for the review.
  2. oldsysop

    New moderator joining the team!

    Thomas savage = SuperMod !
  3. oldsysop

    Class A vs AB vs D amplifiers

    Class D and electric cars suck!
  4. oldsysop

    Memorial Day 2024

  5. oldsysop

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    TotalDac is no longer the king. Thanks Tekton !
  6. oldsysop

    Let's stop calling Class D amplifiers "efficient" when they are not.

    Class D sucks ! Anyone buys a module, puts their name on it and thinks they are an amplifier manufacturer. :facepalm:
  7. oldsysop

    SONCOZ SGP1 Stereo Amplifier Review

    Thank you Amir for this analysis. Long live class A/B !!!
  8. oldsysop

    Reliable amps

    Class D garbage is irreparable.
  9. oldsysop

    Ex-subjectivists on ASR

    I am an objectivist in audio science and a subjectivist in aesthetic matters. I could never use a class D amplifier or powered speakers, or toy size speakers.
  10. oldsysop

    Kenwood L-05M Vintage Amplifier Review

    Amid all the class D crap, it's nice to see the review of a real amp. Thanks Amir!
  11. oldsysop

    Rotel RB-1070 Amplifier Review

    Excellent amplifier and best of all, it is not of the infamous class D. Thanks Amir for review !
  12. oldsysop

    Tube gear section.

    I voted no because in this same thread the subjectivists who always say the same things and never do a double-blind test appeared. A valve section would be feeding those usual lies.
  13. oldsysop

    English tears [passing of Queen Elizabeth II]

    Queens and kings in 2022 :facepalm:
  14. oldsysop

    When did class D start to not suck?

    Class D never stopped sucking.
  15. oldsysop

    What is your stance on Chinese brand Hi-fi equipment

    I have nothing against China, in fact I prefer it to the USA, but in audio I'm only interested in Japanese products from the 70's.
  16. oldsysop

    Interesting response to my thread on Steve Hoffman forums

    I think that his musical tastes are now clear to all of us. It is not necessary to repeat it all the time.
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