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  1. williamwally

    Revel W228Be In-Wall Speaker Review

    Can anyone speculate on the rough 2pi wall 'bass boost' curve that would happen with these/other in-walls?
  2. williamwally

    Small 2-way speakers with linear on-axis and power response characteristics (Scan Speak and SB Acoustics drivers). H&V off-axis measurements included

    I wonder what the chances of getting Parts Express or Madisound to create a knock down kit for this speaker are? How does that process work?
  3. williamwally

    Unusual Speaker Designs

    Guess they're going for that mind-bending look (and sound?).
  4. williamwally

    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    It's the shootout I can't afford, but it's the shootout I need.
  5. williamwally

    Amir's 2023 Pacific Audio Fest Report Day 2

    They actually just came out with a new album titled "Memento Mori". The title being appropriately sad since Andy Fletcher died just weeks before recording the album. They're touring the album this fall.
  6. williamwally

    Tom Danley’s new ‘Hyperion’

    Thanks for the update. The one between the hyperion and what I think is the studio 1 looks interesting!
  7. williamwally

    Unusual Speaker Designs

    I'd love to see those on the Klippel!
  8. williamwally

    JBL CBT 70J-1 Review (Constant Beam Transducer)

    Those cbt's really seem to perform in room. However there's definitely not enough subs in that room.
  9. williamwally

    Tom Danley’s new ‘Hyperion’

    They've been making the rounds as part of a wider line demonstration 'road show'. The latest is in Denver...
  10. williamwally

    Tom Danley’s new ‘Hyperion’

    I guess Tom and crew aren't messing around either (not that they ever were)!
  11. williamwally

    Ikea SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker Review

    I would assume theoretically spdif out from tv to the setup you described could work as an LCR system?
  12. williamwally

    Unusual Speaker Designs

    What, why? It's not like it looks like a giant turd that fell through a toilet bowl shaped hole in the ceiling... ...oh
  13. williamwally

    Neumann KH420 Review (Studio Monitor)

    Amazing! It is nice to see speakers like this that do so many things well, and be worth their high cost. I would assume the very narrow vertical dispersion dip would be inaudible in the midfield they're designed for. I wonder how the DSL Studio 2's would compare?
  14. williamwally

    Tom Danley’s new ‘Hyperion’

    They can/do/will have nicer finishes. Here's another user's SM60's:
  15. williamwally

    Help with my room and ringing (is this ringing????)

    Seems like you're doing a great job, and showing the actual room with measurements helps those here who are good at analyzing measurements (not me) immensely. A couple quick questions : -How much have you moved the speakers in off the back wall to see what changes that makes? -This may not be...
  16. williamwally

    Elac Reference UCR52 Review (Center Speaker)

    Someone recently made a thread asking why more speakers aren't coaxial. I feel like this speaker is a perfect example of why most aren't.
  17. williamwally

    Ikea SYMFONISK Picture Frame Speaker Review

    Now if IKEA would just get their act together and start incorporating subs into their couches we'd be in business!
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