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  1. Peterinvan

    Fiio K7 powered by usb

    It will be very complex to step up a DC power source (step up usually refers to AC power). Also the USB power would be insufficient. I bought the following linear power supply (Aliexpresss) for my K7 and am very happy:
  2. Peterinvan

    FiiO K7

    This is a clever way to allow lower volumes to ramp up slowly, for example when driving sensitive earphones (IEMs). Good design feature.
  3. Peterinvan

    What is the point of CD rips?

    Backup your Tidal playlists to a .CSV file that can be imported to another service should this event happen. I used a trial version of Roon.
  4. Peterinvan

    EQ for Headphones

    I am using HiBy music on my FiiO M11 Pro to stream Tidal. I set the MSEB to maximum cool temperature. This is the most successful setup for my Elegias so far. Nice bright presentation with a tight, non-boomy bass. HIBY: please improve the UI on your Tidal streaming. It offers very limited...
  5. Peterinvan

    Tidal vs Qobuz in 2024?

    I am in Canada. I just looked at buying into Qobuz. They want $25 CDN per month. I am only paying $10 for Tidal with up to 24/196 streaming. I lost my motivation to compare the two services.
  6. Peterinvan

    Question - Tidal MQA quality without an MQA-capable DAC

    I am still looking for the “best” solution to use EQ to tune my Tidal hiRes tracks. So far I have tried: 1. Roon EQ on my PC: very good parametric EQ, but I just can’t justify the cost of Roon 2. HiBY Music on my Android DAP. It streams my Tidal tunes in 44.1, and the EQ works, but not as...
  7. Peterinvan

    Focal Elegia Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    See my post on Headfi showing how to retrofit a Chinese Audeze type headband. My headband broke after 5 years of rough use
  8. Peterinvan

    Focal Elegia Review (Closed Back Headphone)

    Hi can you post the link to your Tidal playlist?
  9. Peterinvan

    Anyone get pics of the Aurora last night?

    West Vancouver, BC. Facing South:
  10. Peterinvan

    What is the point of upsampling?

    I had to ask ChatGPT: what is the purpose of an anti-aliasing filter in music reproduction? "An anti-aliasing filter is crucial in music reproduction to prevent aliasing artifacts. When converting analog audio signals into digital format (as in CDs or digital audio files), the process...
  11. Peterinvan

    "Music-First Audiophile" Manifesto by John Darko

    Live performances can be awful! The deaf guy on the mixing board, the acoustics of the venue and your seat position play a large part in what you are experiencing. Apart from the communal shared energy, I prefer a well produced recording. IMHO good engineers will produce a balanced stage...
  12. Peterinvan

    Music You Strongly Dislike (Just For Fun)

    Wailing saxophones or horns; opera; Eastern cultures; pounding synth heart-beat rhythms; LIKE: acoustic instruments
  13. Peterinvan

    Meze 109 Pro

    What are your top three beautiful designs? Pictures please.
  14. Peterinvan

    The 67-year-old hearing test results! You need hearing aids.

    Is this strange... I have light Tinnitus around 8KHz. It came on suddenly about 12 years ago while testing some tweeters without attenuation. When I use a tone generator (Sinegen.exe) for a DIY test, I get a sharp dip around 8KHz, then it comes back around 9KHz. Are the two related?
  15. Peterinvan

    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    KEEP IT SIMPLE: The time it takes me to brew a pour-over (ceramic Vario filter) is less than the time it takes to clean up complicated coffee makers. I use Melita supermarket coffee ($7 a pound) and grind it just before making my brew. I like my Capresso burr grinder.
  16. Peterinvan

    The 67-year-old hearing test results! You need hearing aids.

    I asked the audiologist why they only tested to 8Khz. He said that’s as high as hearing aids go. I use Sinegen.exe and good headphones for my DIY hearing test.
  17. Peterinvan

    How loud do you like your music?

    I am now in my 70s, and want to preserve my hearing as long as possible now that I am retired and have time to sit and listen to music. Therefore I try to listen at the lowest volume. I like acoustic instruments and distinct instruments across the stage. I have decent gear and I find that on...
  18. Peterinvan

    Audiophile hobby is a scam?

    And don't forget to clean out the wax in you rears. Just a small amount touching your eardrum will have a big impact on the sound quality you should be getting.
  19. Peterinvan

    Please, recommend headphones for listening to music with ENJOYMENT.

    I find that I put on my Meze 109 Pro phones more often than others in my collection. Very comfortable, great for detailed listening to most genres. Especially acoustic instruments. No EQ required. No fatigue factor. I use the FiiO K7 desktop DAC/amp
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