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  1. Martin

    Spec Sound Processor

    Pure snake oil... Those folks seem to think the wood their amplifier enclosure is made from affects the sound quality. :facepalm: The website contains a lot of BS. Run the other way... Martin
  2. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

  3. Martin

    The Waxwing Thread

    Very interesting phono preamp. If my setup wasn't fully balanced I would be very interested in giving it a try. Martin
  4. Martin

    Douk Audio DAC-Q11--The first USB DAC with Switchable ESS9038Q2M and AK4493?

    Utter silliness. The price is insanely cheap but the execution is an exercise in futility. Martin
  5. Martin

    Nice Female Rock Band! The Warning

    LOL - I first ran across The Warning 9 years ago when they were kids... They've changed quite a bit. Martin
  6. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

    Long tapered dampening tubes à la B&W Nautilus? :D Martin
  7. Martin

    Billie Jean dance

    Yes, in addition to the slight off center pressing you can easily see the tonearm bopping to the beat, especially that first hit in Billie Jean. I'll have to see if my Moerch UP-4 / Grado Sonata does the same. Martin
  8. Martin

    power supplies for streamers

    Now that BYOB site is one crazy website. Reminds me of some others Ive come across in my audio journey. Martin
  9. Martin

    What is the deal with expensive HiFi racks?

    The frames were built using 80/20 aluminum T-slot material. It can be purchased cut to size from one of their local distributors. Check their website for additional information: I purchased unfinished butcher block from a company in northern California not far from where I...
  10. Martin

    Amir vs Haters

    All one needs to discredit the haters is point then to the impact Amir and this site has had on the audiophile community. People more openly discuss objective measurements when talking audio. This site and community almost single-handedly pushed Schiit and now even PS Audio into buying and...
  11. Martin

    does anyone listen to Taylor Swift? tell me what the draw is

    I like Taylor Swift's music. I especially like her later stuff - Folklore and Evermore; Midnights and The Tortured Poets Department are also nice. I watched the Eras tour on Disney+ before I canceled my subscription and thought it was well done - she is a consummate showwoman - she really knows...
  12. Martin

    A Call For Humor!

    Close, so close... The longest straight line navigable path is from Pakistan to Russia: Source: Martin
  13. Martin

    New Purifi 9040 now out on the Purifi Web site!

    Those Purifi modules are pricy but I'd hardly qualify $50 as "A lot more expensive." I'd go DIY and get what you want. I think you'll find the Modu cases less expensive than Ghent and at least as nice. Martin
  14. Martin

    New Purifi 9040 now out on the Purifi Web site!

    Wrong. My amps were built for half the price of retail. My 1000ASP monoblocks ended up costing $639.33 each. The 1200AS1 monoblocks were $866.01 each. I have detailed Excel build sheets tracking every penny. Martin
  15. Martin

    New Purifi 9040 now out on the Purifi Web site!

    Build your own... Buy two EVAL4 Mono 1ET9040BA Eval Kits Buy two cases from Modu Use Front Panel Express to layout and machine the front and rear panels. Buy Speakons, wire and other miscellaneous components from the source of your choice: Ebay, Amazon, Parts Express, Mouser, DigiKey, Newark...
  16. Martin

    Preamp - thoughts

    Why not the matching NAD M66? Martin
  17. Martin

    Paul McGowan throws in the towel (Not really but it’s movement in the right direction)

    Another win for ASR and objective measurements. Martin
  18. Martin

    Refreshing movies worth watching

    I found this gem on Amazon Prime this past weekend: Martin
  19. Martin

    beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headphone Review

    I had a pair of them in my early 20's. I thought they sounded great at the time. Martin
  20. Martin

    beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headphone Review

    The DT1990 Pro ($399 refurbished from Beyerdynamic-usa on Ebay) was my first foray into headphone upgrades about 5 years ago. I previously had a pair of Sennheiser HD598 ($169 new). The DT1990 were very nice and a step up from the HD598 but they only whet my appetite for better headphone sound...
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