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    Affordable Audiophile Headphones

    AKG K701 Headphone Reviews I really like these.
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    "Things that cannot be measured"

    +1; The latest in that series is their best yet; Down To The Downtown
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    Finally, music we can buy in 768 khz sampling rates.

    But DAW's, digital workstations that engineers use, they use 32bit, or ?
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    MusicScope: Carmen Gomes Inc - Ray!

    Those CD's on her own site are very very well mastered and cheers to the BandCamp concept, what a great way to support musicians directly. This is my favorite;
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    OneMic recordings, hear what the band heard in the studio!

    Fine engineer written article here (scroll down); Sound Liaison engineer Frans de Rond on ''One Mic Recordings When the Josephson C700S microphone is used to its fullest, the result is a completely phase coherent recording with placement depth and superior realism. "One microphone straight to...
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    OneMic recordings, hear what the band heard in the studio!

    Amazing, this sounds so good, it makes you wonder why other modern recordings are done with the musicians in separate rooms, it seems to me that recording this way must be a lot more fun.
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    MusicScope: Carmen Gomes Inc - Ray!

    Anyhow, what a great-sounding album;
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    Green vinyl music sounds better Green Vinyl Records

    Does anybody have any experience with these; Green-Vinyl-Records from an environmental standpoint this could be interesting. Bioplastic
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    OneMic recordings, hear what the band heard in the studio!

    The Chesky binaural recordings can sound pretty good in some instances like this one;
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    500.000 for a set of horn speakers?

    These Cessaro horn speakers goes for 150.000 up to + 500.000 depending on model, quite a hefty price tag or is that what one have to pay for a good sounding set of horns these days?
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    Reference "stereo" songs

    Here is one, best instrumental version ever;
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    Music to Cry For

    Sound Liaison DXD Download
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    Music to Cry For

    Billie and Lester. Never fails to bring a tear. Especially when you know the history.
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    Free multi-format comparison music

    Thanks to Amir, a new cleaner updated version is now available with 24 bit as well as 32 bit files.
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    Female Vocals: Stunning Recordings You Love

    Great album and very well recorded. Nancy Wilson recorded with the George Shearing Quintet in June 1960. Being accompanied by just Shearing's group rather than a big orchestra created a special intimacy that allowed listeners to hear just how special her voice was. As for Shearing, he was able...
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    Male vocals

    A. Neville!
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    Reference "stereo" songs

    This is one of the cleanest stereo recordings I know of and it helps being just 2 instruments:)
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    Live Albums

    Maybe the older recordings but nowadays classical recordings are edited very much.
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