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    Jamo Concert 8 / D830 Spinorama measurements (CTA-2034)

    After reading this I checked the used market for the Jamos (pretty steep prices for the Concert 8...) and learned that european electronics retailer Conrad bought in the same cabinets and sold them with simpler drivers and finish at less then half the price: Conrad Reference 1620 I have to...
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    Are modern speakers all just overpriced regurgitations?

    The tweeter was available 25 years ago (although under a different brand name), decent woofers of the same size were available, the principles of crossover topology were available. So in one sense an equivalent to the mechano23 was technically possible 25 years ago. But in another sense it...
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Yes, one box per speaker. Packaging seems to weigh 2,1kg.
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    XTZ Spirit 4 Spinorama measurements (CTA-2034)

    Just want to say that what you do is really inspiring! Incredible how far a low priced measurement mic and a sound protocol can get you. You seem to "beat" many professional publications in this regard!
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    From the Linton manual: Carton size: 460*430*710mm Gross weight: 20,5kg/carton
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Elac DBR62 for 147€/pc at Expert. Unfortunately shipping ist restricted to Germany.
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    High sensitivity speaker options

    The Albany by german DIY collective DAU (the acoustic underground) looks promising and drivers and crossover parts only cost around 300€/pc:
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    Swissonic A305

    You could try a sheath current filter/ground isolator. At one point in the past I used a Monacor FGA40HQ (about 20€) to get rid of a ground loop and it worked, but did cost some volume. Got a DAC afterwards and it felt like a significant upgrade (had a cheap 400€ tower pc).
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Markaudio Cesti MB for 231€/pr (plus UK VAT?) instead of 388€ at KJF Audio in UK along with some other Markaudio speakers. Unfortunately shipping to the continent is rather unreasonable.
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    Aiyima active speaker

    Kali Audio MM6 would be an alternative with similar features (although costing around 400$/pr). A version of this speaker without remote and optical (Kali LP6V2) has been measured by Erin and the results look pretty good:
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    Help me choose new stand mounts with ribbon/AMT tweeters.

    Found some rudimentary measurements of the Quad Revela 1 by Hifi News: I always found the XTZ 99.25 LCR (swedish direct retailer) to be very intriguing: Seas Excel magnesium woofers and Fountek Neo CD ribbon...
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    Nubert NuVero 60 Speaker Review

    MoFi Sourcepoint series. Erin seems to have ordered the 888 florstander, so a CEA2034 should be released in the near future. He already has measured the bookshelf models (Sourcepoint 8&10).
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    DIY speaker stands

    My speaker stands consist of a pair of 50€ Amazon barstools without the seat attached. They are made from stamped steel, so they would ring, but I sealed them with black rough duct tape and black silicone and filled them with sand. They are very quiet now, no more obvious ringing. I used black...
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    Nubert NuVero 60 Speaker Review

    I have a question for @amirm about the lack of attenuation of the woofer: Were you able to measure the woofer on it´s own without the midrange playing? The manual of the Nuvero 60 suggests that the bi wiring terminal groups the woofer and midrange together. If that´s the case, I suppose the lack...
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    Harbeth now with active version

    I somehow think this will not be the final product. The product page ist not really incorporated yet and Alan Shaw is at High End Munich presenting the waveguided Version.
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    Nubert NuVero 60 Speaker Review

    Nubert trivia: The great and very well known soundtrack of german 80s cult classic "Das Boot" has been produced on Nubert speakers. Used to be a part of the brand appeal: "Nubert speakers are so linear and uncoloured that they are used as studio monitors by professionals!"
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    New production three way Big bookshelf speakers

    Wharfedale Dovedale might fit the bill. We have no NFS measurements of them yet, but their (not so little) little brothers (Wharfedale Linton) have been measured with very good results. But they are "Made in UK" so the price tag is rather hefty.
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    Nubert NuVero 60 Speaker Review

    Ah, sorry! The driver faceplates of the midrange and tweeter make it possible to use the same baffle for right and left speakers and still get symmetrical pairs with off center drivers. This also goes back to the NuWave series in 1997.
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    Nubert NuVero 60 Speaker Review

    They use this kind of baffle since 1997 (release of their NuWave series) and call it "sound sail" (Klangsegel in german). The "NuWave" series (that also employed this baffle) used to be their plain looking flagship series with a simple foiled corpus, while their (otherwise similar) pretty...
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    Most beautiful speakers in the world ?

    It´s a DIY design based on the "Duetta Top" bookshelf by Udo Wohlgemuth from Bochum Germany (Sometimes called "the german DIY pope". Really pleasant character and great guy!) The AMT tweeter and honeycomb midwoofer are from Eton Germany Here is a detailed construction report...
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