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  1. norman bates

    Single full range drivers

    They are very limited (dispersion, distortion, response, types of music, dynamics, loudness, etc.), yet many love them.
  2. norman bates

    Single full range drivers

    Honestly, you will find more love for full range drivers over here........ Someone just made an almost sibelius.............
  3. norman bates

    Single full range drivers

    From 2 years ago, starting approximately 1:03:09+ Loosely typed, not a perfect transcript............... “Our drivers are more expensive than Mark audio’s hobbyist ones because they are hand made for us in relatively small quantities. We have a special voice coil. Um, and then when they come...
  4. norman bates

    Single full range drivers

    yea, peaks in real life are usually worse than tang band shows on their smoothed response. w5-2143 That is probably a +5db peak @ 2khz, and you will hear it. I had some luck with the 8" TB w8-2145, but it has only enough dispersion for 1 pair of ears @ 8', and a notch is necessary to me. Bass...
  5. norman bates

    Yamaha A-S701 Stereo Amplifier Review

    I wonder how this would compare to the similarly priced rotel a11 tribute mkii thing.....
  6. norman bates

    McIntosh MX-110 and 2 MC-30s through Harbeths-- worth $1000 shipping?

    I agree with the driving. Most manufacturer's boxes (and packaging) are designed for a unit to be shipped on a pallet with other similarly sized boxes ideally, very unlike an individual box travelling along on a conveyer belt 10+' off the ground at some shipping center where things fall off...
  7. norman bates

    Yamaha A-S701 Stereo Amplifier Review

    lol Sitting 6' away from 6.5" 2-way, I can listen pretty flat. But sitting 10-20' away, on a pair of 12" 2-way speakers without baffle step, listening far under 90db, my loudness knob is a welcome addition.
  8. norman bates

    quick and dirty Elipson Planet measurements

    pretty sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. norman bates

    For Sale/US: Revel M126Be Pair w/stands - Silver $2200

    Plz bear in mind how much shipping costs to us non-businesses. To ship just 1 of those speakers from California to Iowa through the post office, would cost about $75.
  10. norman bates

    Dunlavy Speakers

    I know here, big time/phase aligned isn't a big deal, but I think it is. Good luck. Hope the next owner will cherish them.
  11. norman bates

    New McIntosh MA352 cant drive Dynaudio Heritage Special loud - why not?

    Good tips. I too would assume the preamp level is low. Worst case scenario, bring it back to the dealership and hook it up there, especially at those prices. Expect service, nicely though. Sometimes a broke one gets out the door. Interesting hybrid there... And mac even has a switching...
  12. norman bates

    New Lineup of Emotiva Speakers

    Impressive waterfall. Horizontal dispersion looks good also. Copper shorting ring.. $500 ? Looks sweet to me. The small 2.5db peak 4-5khz might be a diffraction peak from tweet to edge.... Let me guess, Danny can sell you improved crossovers with barrel connectors for speaker wire for $400 ?
  13. norman bates

    Revel F206 Tower Speaker Review

    I haven't watched it yet, but I love the curved diffusors....
  14. norman bates

    Tekton M-Lore Speaker Review

    Any tests of the tektons that have the eminence b102 in them ?
  15. norman bates

    Revel F206 Tower Speaker Review

    I see from the first page here on the f206 that there is a peak from the mid driver at 5khz, but it is 20db down, probably not a problem. I believe the 4-5khz is from the speaker baffle edges (diffraction), as it is also on the m106/m16 that does not use that 5" mentioned above...... You can...
  16. norman bates

    Revel M16 Speaker Review

    The walnut m106 has been on sale for a while, yet the black ones have not/are not. Perhaps there is a black one for sale in the buy/sell here................
  17. norman bates

    Mid-Bass Monsters

    double 15's per side..................
  18. norman bates

    A Call For Humor!

    Oprah has 3 words for you, in these troubling economic times, buy a mountain. At 1:20
  19. norman bates

    Music For Testing Bass It is a telarc recording. Track 1 will punch you in the gut !!!!!! Warning, saxaphone @ 1:15 I would use this back in college in 94, really makes peoples eyebrow go way up on their head using big 3-ways. Subs don't...
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