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    KEF LS50 +KC62 versus LS60

    How do you connect Dirac to the LS60 for playback?
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    What are the improvement of the Giga 6 over the E8? I own a Jura Ena 9 and it works like a charm. The aroma boost delivers great expresso and the cappuccino are good as well.
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    Help Me Pick an In-Ear

    What is the problem with Apple products?
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    Help Me Pick an In-Ear

    Very happy with the AirPods Pro 2.
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    KEF LS60 Wireless + Dual KC62 Setup/Placement Advice Needed

    After acquiring the LS60 I am considering a similar path with single or dual KC62. How is your integration going so far?
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    JBL SCL-5 In-ceiling Speaker Review

    How about doing all these measurements when pointing the speaker and baffle with a 40 degree inclination from the listener?
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    How does it sound ? - Kef LS60 W

    Very happy with my LS60. Got them for 6100 euros in Europe.
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    How does it sound ? - Kef LS60 W

    Thanks for sharing this. Could you tell more about how you integrated the sub and how is the result?
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    Airpods Pro 2

    Given the distance between the microphone and the mouth this is not a surprise. Did you look at the Rtings tests of the Airpods?
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    Room measurement comparisons with Dspeaker Antimode and MiniDSP/Dirac

    thanks for the effort. Could you please also present the effects on phase correction and / or group delay?
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    R.I.P. Jeff Beck

    Fantastic guitarist!
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    Airpods Pro 2

    Hi Everyone, What is the PEQ to get Harman Curve on the AirPods Pro 2? I am extremely happy with the mids and trebles but I feel that bass is missing when compared to my Revel F208 and my KEF LS60.
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    The Bach thread

    What is your favorite version of this piece? Among many, I like this one:
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    Importance of impulse response

    Thanks. And when your speaker has its drivers phase aligned, what frequencies are most suffering from phase deviation because of the room interference? In other words, in the real world of my living room, where do I gain from a speaker with phase aligned drivers? On the bass or trebles or is...
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    Importance of impulse response

    Thanks, Don. Your interpretation of my question is correct. But my question remains: what is preferable? To have a perfect sound source with phase aligned drivers etc or to have a perfect response and phase alignement at the MLP?
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    Importance of impulse response

    Could someone explain why knowledgeable manufacturers focus on phase alignement between speakers to produce a perfect impulse response while some people are mainly concerned by the phase alignement at the listening position? Seems to me like one can achieve only one these two objectives at the...
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    Importance of impulse response

    Nice. So if the impulse response is perfect, you get text book frequency response? And what other benefits appart from receiving the sound from different frequencies at the same time in your hear?
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