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    How good is bad? (Raspberry Pi 4B headphone output DAC review)

    For the life of me I didn’t realise the Pi had a headphone output.
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    SMSL VMV P2 Headphone Amp Review

    Only a mother could love that face…
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    Arylic BP50 Preamp with HDMI ARC Review

    Oh I don’t know, the connectabilty is excellent. If the manufacturer could improve the measurements at a minimal price increase it would I imagine be a hit.
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    Ask me questions.

    Everything was going well and he was available, they started having reliability problems (and appalling customer relations) and he disappeared, more than once and reappeared on product launches only to go quiet. Now you may speculate about what he is up to and reasons why he starts a “Ask Me...
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    Rogers LS3/5a (BBC) Speaker Review

    Current price is under £3K new. The variants of these speakers retail from around £1900-£2500.
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    Rega DAC-R DAC Review

    Oh dear, you really are clueless aren’t you? MDF? LOL. Only for the basic turntables you numpty. P6/P8/P10/Naia/Naiad are definitely not made of MDF:rolleyes: Please check your facts before posting. It really does pay to actually know what you’re talking about, and you don’t. Whats worse is...
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    Rega DAC-R DAC Review

    So you have no idea how much anything costs them to manufacture do you? Thought not. I’m not playing thread cop I just couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t use the objective data to hand to berate the brand rather than talking out of your backside about their turntables but your last post makes...
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    Rega DAC-R DAC Review

    please tell me how much the P1, P2, P3, P6, P8, P10, Naia and Naiad cost to manufacture? You don’t leave any room for yourself to manoeuvre with your accusation of “Good thing it’s really cheap to build those turntables in an operation that resembles little more than a glorified garage assembly...
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    Rega DAC-R DAC Review

    LOL. Rega doesn’t really get involved in marketing or advertising and never really have but some will take your obvious lack of knowledge about the company and run with it.
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    SMSL D-6s Balanced DAC Review

    I haven’t really been a fan of S.M.S.L. thus far, first It was looks and then their display grated with me but this ticks all the boxes. Very nice all round.
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    EAR Yoshino 834L Deluxe Preamp Review

    I spat my coffee out laughing at that!
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    Apollon NCx500ST Stereo Amplifier Review

    Probably didn’t like the casework or just doesn’t like class D amplification? I have voted Fine or not terrible with a DAC or two that are imo “lazy products“. S.M.S.L. released several products with what I considered a poorly set out display and continued to use it. You might disagree but and...
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    SONCOZ SGP1 Stereo Amplifier Review

    Hi Amir, do you know if the unit you tested is a revision of the first SGP1 released some time ago? I’m sure the amplifier was pulled from sale due to one or two issues so have they fixed those issues and now have a bulletproof design? I have been using a SGD1 for around three years now and it...
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    Ask me questions.

    Is he psychic or just answering the questions via PM? I’m confused :facepalm:
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    BBC speakers

    It’s worth mentioning that Falcon Acoustics went to considerable lengths to reproduce the drivers exactly as the originals were for the LS3/5a. Undoubtedly expensive to do, you have to respect their efforts imo.
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    Topping RD3 TP Balanced DAC Review

    Please, the children are watching;)
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    Blue Jeans Cable Isolation Transformer Review

    Maybe you should consider the concept of free will, it means you can vote however you wish. Maybe you’d be more comfortable in North Korea or China, I believe it works the way you prefer over there.
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    Review of the new Schiit URD

    The Transports drive has a decent dedicated CD based mech rather than the generic DVD drives contained in most modern CDPs and Transports so that would effect the pricing somewhat I’d imagine. The built-in flexibility compared to other similar products is an interesting concept and you’ll...
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    Poll for Topping PA5 owners only please.

    PA5 II has been released! So all issues have been resolved with the old PA5 and Topping can release the new version knowing their customers have reliable MK1 PA5? There’s a Q and A session with the Topping rep who has just become available again and guess what, they have just released their...
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    [Poll] What is your experience with the reliability of the Topping LA90D?

    Just stop buying their amplification for goodness sake, it’s unreliable just like their customer support. I still will not give my money to Roksan or Musical Fidelity because they released products with high failure rates and didn’t support their customers or their products and that was late...
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