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    KEF R6 Meta R6 as LCR or 3 KEF R3 Meta

    Sorry I'm not sure I follow what you mean here, since the R3 is the ported model. Are you thinking you could run the R3 sealed or that you would be crossing over well above the port tuning frequency and have more headroom than with the R6? I would also generally think a closed box would be...
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    KEF R3 meta Measurements

    Cheapest I can find that is $25. With this multifunctionality Kef are adding, the value proposition gets even better. :p Perhaps the voice coils can do double duty as a toaster too (with apologies to Tim Cook)?
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    Have only quickly reviewed the charts but fully agree from what I've seen so far. This is what I was hoping for - looks like you are getting closer to Ref 1 in performance than non-meta R3, which was the value proposition of the R series, prior to the Reference metas coming out. (Perhaps the...
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    What is preventing you from listening? Is it due to the return conditions? A home trial should not be an issue for a good dealer. (Or did you just mean you can't compare to the Meta?) How long is your return window? I would wait for the white paper so we can look at the spins (we are all really...
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    I was hoping to see that, at least as an option. Perhaps the view is the unit just gets too big to go on walls (or on top of speakers) for most applications. It pushes the crossover to mains/subs higher than I'd like (something I think Erin also commented on in his review of the non-Meta)...
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    That's great to know - appreciate your engagement with this thread (and apologies if anything was inadvertently released ahead of schedule). Like a few on here, have been debating whether to take a deal on the old R series or go for the Meta but with little to inform that decision beyond health...
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    KEF Reference and Blade Meta announced, but where is the R Meta?????

    Maybe should have posted here rather than new thread but heard some news on this today:
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    Kef R Meta Series Release

    I spoke with a dealer today about buying discounted R series and was told the Meta was imminent with stock arriving any day. I enquired further and was told: Kef R3 Meta pricing £1900 Kef R11 Meta pricing £5500 That is quite a steep increase on the non-Meta's RRP of £1500 and £4000...
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    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Monolith 15" sub sale is back on. Ebay price (still new and direct from Monoprice GmbH) cheaper than through their online store @ £877 / €993. Noting that chat from other forums indicates Monoprice are leaving Europe...
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