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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    Hi forum I just want to know...if the pre/sub out its been used to connect to a sub....the mains out of the amplifier continue to provide a full range signal to the speakers? if the sub have a variable loss pass filter that can be adjust from lets said 40hz to 300hz..the other 2 channels...
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    Budget Directiva Project

    maeby a fast/waw with full rage like alpair 5 or chp50, cheap coaxial like cx120 or omni cx a 8 woofer.. :p
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    Fosi Audio V3 Amplifier Review

    Hey guys, a little bit of help please.. Has anyone directly connected/solder the cables that came from a meanwell LRS100-24 to the card?..aesthetics are not important at the moment... I would like to unsolder the pin that comes from the factory and connect directly to the psu but the fosi board...
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    What Budget Speakers Do You Enjoy?

    Hi! can please somebody help me with the croosover componets for this other Hivi / swans model... the drivers are easy to identified...information about the crossover not so easy to find :rolleyes:
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    JL ELectronics Sylph-D200 Amplifier Module Review

    Hey! :) When the 3251rtr board will be available again? Thanks
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