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    Opinions / experience with

    They replaced an internationally shipped part without requiring shipping the defective part for free
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    Best Music for Equipment Reviews and Listening Pleasure

    can you share the qobuz playlist links?
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    Looking for amp / receiver recommendations for KEF LS50 meta

    Hypex and purify based amps are great. And you can wait for wiim ultra or get wiim pro plus as a dac/streamer
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    Share your qobuz playlist

    thanx looking forward to it.
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    my sub only goes to 120hz. interestingly i had stupidly set the sub to also send lower frequencies to both speakers and sub. There was distortion in some tracks. When i set it up correctĺy it did not bottom out. Was it better above the bass i can not be certain
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    Streamers with screens

    I have same setup with wiim and through its trigger and a few settings the tablet would turn on and off with music and shows what is playing.
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    Share your qobuz playlist

    I am severly challengedbon all music after 2000 and i like slow rock, blues, some pop anytthing really good. I use qobuz only at this time.
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    beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headphone Review

    ali think the 770 is meaured on rtings
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    Fosi Audio V3 Mono Amplifier Review

    The high frequency distortion performance looks poor to me.
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    Feel it in the chest track.

    I have 2 yamaha hs8s 8 inch subs and pondering svs 1000pro because i found deal on ebay that can deliver to Egypt.
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    Feel it in the chest track.

    So any good bass tracks in your arsenal? So any good bass tracks in your arsenal?
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    Feel it in the chest track.

    The choice in my counrty is next to nil, but i can sometimes buy stuff on usa oe uk ebay and get it shipped.
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    Feel it in the chest track.

    I am looking for a track with punchy bass that you feel in the chest on your system, inwant to see if mine has this or i should ditch my dual 8inch subs for a 10 or 12 inch?
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    Neumann KH 80 DSP for small untreated room?

    I love my kh80. Strongly recomend. It punchs a lot above its size and price.
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Does anyone know good replacement foam tips for the zero 2?
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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    Does anyone know of replacement tips that fit zero 2
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    What are my upgrade options from Adam T5V

    neumann kh80 sounds amazing and measures it too. It is small and gives more bass than its size should. The are bland looking but the beauty of the sound offsets the bland looks.
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    Moondrop May (IEM with USB C DSP cable)

    Does tanchjim have a dsp cable? What is it called
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    Interesting new Moondrop product- DSP equipped IEM cable

    I got this, the cable sounds great. The app to control peq is terrible but works.The cable also looks amazing.
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