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    should I turn off or keep on the auto standby (Auto Power off) ? Or just keep it On for hours?

    Turning on and off for short periods of time will shorten life. Mine has stayed on for years.
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    I have never taken this safety precaution. Maybe if you have teenagers lurking. This hobby is an attractive nuisance.
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    1969-74 Dynaco A-25 speakers compared to modern designs?

    Early 70's went Dynaco. 2 A50's, 2 A25's, pre-amp and power amp kits. Lasted beyond 7 years college.
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    Help me understand my graphs and room accoustic advice

    Surprised you received no responses. Skip the mirror. Don't worry about layout. Most of us have this issue. Problems occur under 300 hz. Sometimes assemetrical rooms are bass friendly.
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    Polk Reserve R350 Review (Center Speaker)

    I agree. Only situation that's feasible.
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    2024 Total Solar Eclipse

    Lucked out in Southwestern Indiana. Heavy rain on Sunday and Tuesday. Clear skies on Monday. Light traffic and crowds. State Police warnings kept people home.
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    I had 3 day criminal jury trial this week. I was the 4th attorney. Meth found in driver door pocket. She was driving alone. She was offered six years serve 4. Convicted with habitual enhancement. I predict 20-25 years at sentencing. Another walked away from 10 actual years. Received 25...
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    Review and Measurements of Crown XLS 1502 Amp

    Most noticeable feature of any modern amp is clipping. Your Crown can power any speaker.
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    I have always counseled clients to avoid filing defamation lawsuit. Stirs up too much trouble. Especially since the internet. Only have to follow this thread to see why.
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    WA is outlier. Most States do not award attorney fees.
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    Legal fund for Reviewers/Erin?

    Will have to be licensed in State wher Legal fees. Needs attorney licensed in State of litigation . Sending a letter out of State could cause problems. I know sounds ridiculous but saw recent Indiana case. In old days, Illinois let us cross river without Illinois license. Not anymore.
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    Spyware In Cars - It's Worse Than You Think

    While you're at it, monitors in our homes. Better yet brain implants. Then we can really root out moral accountability.
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    Shooting Harbeth's nonsense. They don't possess super duper secret sauce.
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    When will we learn? Marketing 101.
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    I hope your kidding. Harbeth possesses secret manufacturing process? Brain adapts. I returned to deep southern Indiana after 10 year absence. Appalled by unintelligible southern drawl. In less than a week didn't notice.
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    Brain adapted. Breakin a myth.
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