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    Phono Preamp XLR Out Distortion

    Glad to here you got a Chinook, I sent mine back Only for the total of the 4 gain settings, yes that Increase from 60 to 65 made a definite difference I talked to the tech out there at Manley,. He told me they also changed a few other things around on the board and I did notice when it came back...
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    NEVER use txt talk never gets it out wright at least for me anyway, sorry guys were a mess
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    I have 2 MV-55’s, I had crossed paths with a guy that had the 2nd one I purchased , he was only getting selling it due to marital reasons. We all know how that goes but anyway it was a excellent move I run one amp and triode mode which only produces approximately 20/22 watts per and I run the...
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