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    Q Acoustics 3010i Graphite

    Hi Used pair of graphite Q Acoustics 3010i speakers for sale. In original box with original bungs and grilles, and in very good condition. Would prefer buyer collects from Manchester UK but willing to post within UK for an additional £11.35 (48 hour tracked and signed for). Asking price is £80.
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    Yamaha WXA-50 for sale

    Hi Used Yamaha WXA-50 for sale. Very good condition, in original box with all original accessories. Would prefer if buyer could collect from Manchester UK, but willing to post if (UK) buyer pays additional postage of £11.35 (48 hour tracked and signed for). Asking price is £200.
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    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    I picked them up almost exactly a year ago at Sevenoaks. Do you have a photo of the back? I can let you know if mine looked the same.
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    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    On my pair the plastic inserts preventing the use of banana plugs were removable. I used a thin knife to pop them out.
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    Wild places, post em if you got em...

    The Scottish Highlands. A very happy memory for me.
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    Square room horror

    Hi. I've lent my UMIK-1 to my brother while he tries to decide which of two pairs of speakers to keep. I'll be measuring the room once I have the mic back. Curious also to see if YPAO has any benefit or not.
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    YPAO and R.S.C - how does the R.S.C part work?

    I'm a bit of a newbie on these forums, but if you stream your music from a PC then there's Mathaudio for Foobar which is very easy to use, or REW which can be used for a number of measurement/simulation/room correction tasks. There's also no reason you can't use a suitable AVR for stereo or a...
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    YPAO and R.S.C - how does the R.S.C part work?

    I've been wondering how RSC works as well. It's a shame there's not more information easily available from Yamaha.
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    Any reason not to use an AVR for a music only setup?

    Just switching to an AVR myself. Had tried room correction with REW and Mathaudio, but wanted a source-agnostic option that wasn't limited to content streamed from my computer. I did find that adding a subwoofer to my standmount speakers was worthwhile, particularly at lower listening volumes...
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    Square room horror

    Hi guys Thanks for all the input - it's very much appreciated. 1. Sorry, will post pictures of the room when I can. Don't have any to hand. There's a stone fireplace to the left of the room and a sort of stone alcove/shelf extending into the room near to the left speaker in the picture. 2. A...
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    Square room horror

    Hi guys No room treatment as yet. Trying to avoid the temptation to buy cheap acoustic foam. Have been looking at GIK Turbo Traps as a possibility.
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    Square room horror

    Hi all Thought I might as well post this here in case anyone finds it interesting or useful. I'm trapped in a room with the dimensions (metres) of 4x4x2.1, and with a basic 2.1 setup. I'm waiting for my new AVR to arrive, but after a lot of experimentation with REW room simulator this is the...
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    Focal Aria 906 Speaker Review

    Hi all Please would someone be kind enough to let me know if I've done this correctly? I've entered the values into REW as shown in the screenshot below, saved them as a .REQ file, and then converted to them to a WAV which I'm then using in a convolver plugin in Foobar. Does this at all sound...
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    What items have you purchased as a result of ASR?

    Yamaha WXA-50 and Focal Aria 906.
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    Speaker survey

    Hi all Thanks to the 60 forum members who took the time to fill in the spreadsheet. Here's a simple breakdown for those who are interested. Speaker brands in use with main system JBL 6 Genelec 5 DIY 4 Focal 3 ProAc 3 Revel 3 Ascend Acoustics 2 Buchardt 2 Infinity 2 KEF 2...
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    First attempt with MathAudio

    Hi Snarfie So sorry, completely missed your last post. I've moved house so I'm about to give Math Audio another go. Did you have any further luck with your experiments?
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    Roku 4K HDR to 1080 HDR TV?

    Hi DrStranger I found this gidget which looks like it might solve the problem. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
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    Roku 4K HDR to 1080 HDR TV?

    Thanks for the reply. It's one of these.
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    Roku 4K HDR to 1080 HDR TV?

    Hi all Wondering if anyone has come across a similar problem. I have an HDR capable 1080 TV, which my Roku autodetects the 1080 resolution of. All of the content I can find that is HDR is also 4K. The Roku will not send this content to my TV as it recognises that the TV does not support the...
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