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    Audiophonics DA-S250NC DAC & Power Amp Review

    Thanks for the review Amir. An enticing little all in one at a reasonable price with good performance. Too bad it doesn't have analog inputs although that would have increased the cost with the additional ADC circuitry. I just feel that they could have optimized the DAC implementation and...
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    Atoll DAC200 Signature - Review & Measurements (DAC)

    Remarkable detective work and review VintageFlanker. Congratulations! Too bad, I always kind of had a soft spot for Atoll gear over the years. I don't recall having personally seen any of their gear been measured. Quite disappointing... Quel dommage!
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    Hagerman Bugle3 Phono Stage Review

    Thanks for the review Amir. Your ranking table isn't showing the Cambridge Audio Duo MM/MC phono pre-amp you reviewed back in February 2019. Looks like that one got lost somewhere along the way. Quite understandable considering the huge amount of reviews you publish. :)
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    Marantz Cinema 50 AVR Review

    It sells for $2500 in the US. Thanks for the first review of 2023 thin blue! Happy new year to Amir and every member of ASR!
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    SMSL D400EX DAC Review

    Another winner from SMSL. Thanks for the review Amir. The golfing panther not being there explains why the poll is tied between the fine and great ratings. People need to be pointed in the right direction Amir. :) BTW, you also forgot to type the L from SMSL on the main reviews page and on the...
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    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review

    Well some people have DSD files or rips that they would like to play through their DAC. Not that I believe that DSD is intrinsically superior technology to PCM but many recordings have been remastered from the original analog master tapes to DSD with more care put into the process to offer a...
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    Schiit Modi+ DAC Review

    Thanks for the review Amir. Well there's the Topping D10 presently selling on for $118 USD that has balanced outputs through TRS jacks but no HPA. Oh, and it only has a USB input, no S/PDIF coax or Toslink inputs. That's asking quite a lot at that price level but who knows perhaps...
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    Denon AVR-X3800H Review

    Very sad and disappointing overall performance considering that Denon has been on a path of incremental improvements over last few years with some of the better AVR/AVP measurements in the DAC sections and pre-outs. Great and important review Amir since a lot of people out there were waiting for...
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    Limited Participation For The Next Few Weeks...

    I had noticed the slowdown like most folks I guess. I'm glad it's not a health issue. Take all the time you need Amir. I hope everything goes well with the sale and be careful not to injure yourself.
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    I think you must have meant lossy instead of lossless in your summary. FLAC is lossless, whereas MP3 and AAC are lossy. Well this is what can happen when certain dubious backroom business deals are made, i.e. I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine or when the free market "rules" aren't...
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    Living in Montreal where Quebecor Inc. is based and having observed them through out the years, I can tell you that while they are a large media conglomerate into anything from the press to cable TV, movie/TV production and Internet telecomm services, they tend to run their business from a penny...
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    That's the point FOMO... ehh I mean Spocko, time has to stand still so that the advertising revenue stream continues. ;)
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review

    Another outstanding DAC/Amp from SMSL. Thanks for the review Amir. It's crazy how Amir's top 20 DAC list now classifies the contenders by differences measured in tenths of dBs and starting at 120 dBs. I like the narrow form factor that doesn't take up much width space on a shelf by exploiting...
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    Leema Acoustics Element DAC & Preamp Review

    Thanks for the review Amir. Pretty decent DAC/preamp combo unit. However, considering that one can buy a SOTA preamp like the Topping Pre90 for $600 with balanced analog inputs (+RCA) and pair that with any number of DACs that measure considerably better than this Leema for less than half the...
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    Emotiva XMC-2 AVP Review (Sample 2)

    Thanks for this second time at bat review for the XMC-2 Amir. It's a strike 2 for big Dan on this unit alone... Considering the less than stellar reviews on some of their other products and all the bugs on their firmwares and ever long dragging delivery of major features such as Dirac Live and...
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    JBL SDR-35 AVR Review

    You have to use the "PREAMP OUT" RCA connections to the left of the speaker terminals and connect external amplifiers as needed. You can see the section for the main 8 channels preamp out RCAs that "mirror" the speaker terminals, over that you have another "PREAMP OUT" box with the "CH13/CH14"...
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    JBL SDR-35 AVR Review

    Thanks for the two days of hard work you put in to review this AVR Amir, it's very much appreciated. Alas, such a disappointment from JBL/Harman on most fronts. Considering that the main use of an AVR is home theater and that folks that are looking for the royal immersive treatment have to...
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    Carver Raven 350 Review (Tube Amp)

    $4750 for a distorsion box and you have to buy two of them, this is too funny. I love these kinds of reviews where a product measures abysmally and yet sells for a hefty price. I gotto show this review to a buddy of mine that used own a tube amp.
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    FiiO BTR7 Review (Portable DAC & HP Amp)

    Another excellent portable DAC/HP amp, both reviewed within a couple of days of each other. Thanks for the wonderful review Amir. Well if I had a budget of $300, even if it's 50% more expensive than the FiiO BTR7, I'd choose the Topping G5. I think it's worth the extra money considering its...
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    Is Digital Audio Transmission Analog? [video]

    Too bad this video didn't come out three years ago when more people were watching Darko's clueless video. I've just posted a little comment on Darko's YT video with the link to Amir's YT video to entice folks to watch it. I simply mentioned how well it explains digital audio issues that...
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