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    PSB Alpha P3 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Many betters can be had in this price range
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    Topping PA3s Review (Desktop Amplifier)

    It was merely an hyperbole statement by me. My point still stands that the day topping outperforms a company like Bryston by having an amp that is a lot cheaper but has the same performance is the day all HiFi company should sit down and ask themselves what have they been doing for the past...
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    Topping PA3s Review (Desktop Amplifier)

    The bryston is 40x the price so Id hope it performs 40x better. If it somehow performs worse than this little cute toy then I would feel extreme shame telling anyone I work for Bryston
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    Topping PA3s Review (Desktop Amplifier)

    Well its a snake oil filled industry after all. One of the few industries where you absolutely cant get your worth with the money spent
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    Topping PA3s Review (Desktop Amplifier)

    Well thats my point. Remember when a 4gb micro sd card cost almost $200 15 years ago and now you can buy a 512gb micro sd card for $30. Thats what i call progress, which sadly hasnt happened much in this snake oil filled industry.
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    Topping PA3s Review (Desktop Amplifier)

    It just means that technology in speaker amplification hasnt progressed that much so a 4 grand amp can be made for the same specs in 2021 for $150. In fact they might cost as much if not more. This isnt the fault of a single manufacturer like Topping but perhaps the industry as a whole.
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    JBL Studio 530 Speaker Review

    300 for cables 750 for speakers 1000 for headphones according to some company i saw reviewd here
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    HTD Level THREE Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Is this why my uncle who lost his hearing 30 years ago like these so much???
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    Beware of Certain 8k Receivers for Gaming

    Panasonic make these chips for all receiver companies and they refuse to fix this for almost a year now for no reasons. Costco pulled the 8k receiver from Yamaha from their site after a lot of customer complaints
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    Revel M106 speaker got dinged.

    I say try to go to a painters shop and have they professionally paint it for you
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    Beware of Certain 8k Receivers for Gaming

    We been know this since beginning of year. Check the thread here
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    Beware of Certain 8k Receivers for Gaming

    This old news but thanks for the info
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    [US] Some audio stuffs for sale

    1. Loxjie A30 like new in box comes with everything $140 plus shipping 2. 24V 10A power supply for the Loxjie selling separately for $25 but will include if bundle for $157 plus shipping with the amp 3. JBL stage a130 very good condition will ship in original box - $185 plus shipping Pics...
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    Apple AirPods Max Review (Noise Cancelling Headphone)

    Yikes. I thought Apple hired a bunch of Harman employees to work on this headphone.
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    Listening at Night vs. Day

    What cables are you using
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    I bought a new expensive shirt and i felt different too. Not better just different. Probably because the old ones didnt fit anymore since i got fat.
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