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    Review and Measurements of Topping DX7s DAC and Headphone Amp

    Got my dx7s in august 2018 (massdrop). Still doing its work every day in my living room. Connected to a rpi4 Great product.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Pretty good hearing for a 78 year old reviewer. Here is his other gear. Every SR product there is, he is "reviewing". Of course a "friend" and a fan boy. Much of what is wrong with this hobby manifests in cases like this.
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    Linus Tech Tips is going to be testing audio gear? LTT Lab 1

    The "audiophile" snakeoil industry did not like the channel :)
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    Apollon Audio AS1200 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    The 1200as2 module is 490USD (463Euro) each direct from icepower, but I think one must be registered as a company. A decent chassis (100USD incl. shipping), some connectors (50USD) and cabling set (34USD), good...
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    Apollon Audio AS1200 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Its much better. One of my amps is in a small closet and the other one is in my main setup. Plays extremely good.
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    Topping E30 II DAC Review

    Thanks. Would you be so kind providing link(s) to the whole discussion? I sure missed that. Just came across their "philosophy" regarding filters.
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    Topping E30 II DAC Review

    A quick question regarding the different filters provided. These looks like 48khz sampling for me and not 44.1? F2 and F6 seems identical linear filters with great attenuation at around 24khz.
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    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    Nice writeup. Using icepower 1200as2 amps myself. Auto-off without signal is implemented which is a great feature. However it is "hardcoded" on the modules itself to turn off after 13minutes without signal.
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    Topping DX7 Pro+

    No MQA it seems? Thats nice
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    Topping DX5 Review (DAC & HP Amp)

    Notice that. Anyone know what the difference between it and the dx5 is? (Looking for a dx5 but with i2s input and no MQA :) )
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    Apollon Audio AS1200 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Good to hear. Will let it settle for some time. One has played for a couple of hours. Actually it got a little better only after 1 hour. Its the only one that is finished. The others have just been powered on to see if the transformer is buzzing.
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    Apollon Audio AS1200 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Have 5 1200as2 modules. Every one has some transformer buzz. Some more than others. One is almost totally silent. Asked icepower about it but have not gotten a response yet.
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    Topping D90LE
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    Furutech NCF Clear Line Review (AC Optimizer)

    Sorry if it has been posted earlier Even when using on an apparatus that also does "nothing" it shines. Amazing
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    PS Audio PowerPlant 12 Review (AC Regenerator)

    Crap, it should have an audiophile fuse to work better. Of course this is Ted Denney´s facebook group. Total freakshow there.
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    SSL 2+ USB Interface Measurements

    Here is another great review with also "teardown" of the SSL2+ He also likes the headphone out even with 30ohm headphones. I must say, I really like the sound using my Philips Fidelio X2...
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    SSL 2+ USB Interface Measurements

    Regarding the first post . Here are mye linearity measurements (loopback mode) 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192khz And distortion vs frequency for 44.1khz
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    SSL 2+ USB Interface Measurements

    Here is a good teardown of the SSL 2 (not +) Looks decent enough.
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    SSL 2+ USB Interface Measurements

    Just another quick. Loopback (trs - trs) Loopback with trs-xlr. Seems like when using xlr in it detects as a mic and with trs line input.. Guess I have to read the manual :)
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    SSL 2+ USB Interface Measurements

    Hi, just bought a SSL 2+ for about 150usd for testing. Just a quick measurement. Focusrite solo gen3 into SSL 2+ 1khz Seems as if XLR in is somewhat worse that trs.. Doing loopback (trs from output to XLR input does nok look good)Will get some ok trs cables for the purpose later.
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