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    KEF LS60w - The Ugly Side of the Active Speaker Market

    There are similar tales circulating for car repairs of late. Global supply chains have gotten very wonky and the completely dominant just-in-time approach to stock has resulted in a great many ugly stories of this kind. I don't think this is an acceptable timeframe for a repair on luxury (or...
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    Multiple screens on modern laptops- please advise

    Right... There are ultrawide monitors that will do side-by-side from two inputs (dunno about 3). However they are usually very expensive in relation to their 16:9 counterparts, and if image quality is not a high priority you can save money on smaller indepedent screens. Curved is likely as...
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    Cassettes are making a small comeback, why?

    Everybody baller until it gets hot and the stretching begins.
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    Speakers on stands: positioning and centre of gravity

    The dense bits are the magnets and driver frames. They're nearer the front than the back usually. To be honest, it was never an issue with my old bookshelves. They would more or less tolerate whatever. Obviously they're easier to knock off if they're not central. I didn't think that was an issue...
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    Combining NAD 3020 and 1000W Class D amplifier? Got some random passive speakers and amplifiers and unsure what the limits are.

    Oh, I didn't realise the amp had per channel volume knobs! I assumed it was a pro-style amplifer only. I guess that's just level matching then.
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    Combining NAD 3020 and 1000W Class D amplifier? Got some random passive speakers and amplifiers and unsure what the limits are.

    The bookshelf would only fire its tweeter across the room if enough input voltage was applied to the kW amp. That is dictated by the amp gain and the signal amplitude (from your pre-amp). I would expect the NAD to clip hard trying to run the sub loud - potential for bad sound as well as...
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    Q acoustics Concept 500

    I would have auditioned these if the shop person hadn't decided for me that they were in a different class to the KEF and Focal options I was interested in and therefore not worth the backache. Silly salesman. I would be interested to see independent measurements for sure, and not just their...
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    200th Anniversary of Beethoven's 9th

    Well, the Toscanini disappoints me a bit. It's very clean and surprisingly listenable for the age of recording, which is an achievement given the size of the ensembl. I fear it puts a yoke of control on all involved, and despite that there are still parts where sections come unstuck from the...
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    200th Anniversary of Beethoven's 9th

    Well... I'll certainly try to listen to these if I get a chance.
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    SPINAL TAP | a guide to their albums

    Majesty of Rock is my guilty pleasure music video.
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    Audio Note speakers

    I weigh ~70kg and can produce about 150 watts of power for a reasonable while, what will they pay for me? Admittedly I lack firm control of the mids.
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    Superb series (to episode 8). Grade A for creating a real sense of inscrutable plotting from all corners. Played Shogun: Total War about 20 years ago, seems legit!
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    The Pineapple Thief – It Leads To This – Comparison Blu-ray stereo , 5.1, Dolby Atmos, Tidal MAX, CD. Is the blu-ray the new “audiophile” media?

    Well isn't that interesting. Lousy way to grab a track though. Like finding something in her middle of a tape.
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    KEF R5 or Q950C? Below 2000 any other speaker recommend?

    With a subwoofer, I'd take the R5 (and I did!). It's a very tidy little tower next to the TV, and a managed woofer does a lot to mitigate the shortcomings of the R5's small bass drivers. In exchange you get better directionality and nicer packaging. To be clear I'm favouring furniture and...
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    What's your greatest/best most practical Idea/invention in your life (so far anyway)

    I co-wrote an A-level synthetic chemistry playground/problem generator in Pascal (oh no!). Terminal-grade graphics and a very immature codebase, but it was certainly interesting to write. I think the code is lost on some degraded floppy disk somewhere :/ could have made about 30 pence in ad...
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    Two audiophiles walk into a bar... (finish the joke)

    Two audiophiles walk into a bar. A band is playing live to a happy audience. The two seem restless and move about, then leave without so much as a drink. "They sounded crap!" said one. "I know!" said the other. "Every band should have four bass players." Bonus points to anyone who can come up...
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    Detonation Engine

    If you look into how the skyactive engine tech works, or indeed the pre-ignition designs used in current F1 cars (I think!), there's already substantial work on very high AFR combustion for efficiency. My understanding of the continuous detonation thing is that it's fine for the combustion...
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    Popping a 5000 Amp Fuse

    Ah, good old photonic induction. What a lunatic, with enough knowledge to avoid death. Very enjoyable and sometimes very interesting videos
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    Two channel amp with HDMI eARC?

    Gosh, that does seem like a good price. I was expecting 600-800 gbp/eur/usd.
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    A new hype in the world of the ultrarich: glass speakers

    Well... The main problem I see is that you can see the absorbent materials you would normally pack the cabinet with, hence it doesn't have any. They've also had to try quite hard to make the wiring look good. The aesthetic isn't bad... But you'd better hire a cleaner regularly or he an absolute...
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