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    Aune AR5000 Headphone Review

    The driver placement is very interesting, it's not just angled as it can be seen in the product page: It shares some resemblance to the upcoming Drop-Grell's OAE1 although not as extreme ...
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero IEM Review

    Same happens to me, I have pretty narrow ear canals, and I believe the nozzle's width is about 6mm, so it's a no go regarding comfort for me. The most comfortable IEMs (TWS) that I've been able to find are Creative's Outlier Air V3 (no longer sold I believe, but their replacements are similar)...
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    Sennheiser HD660S Review (Headphone)

    Thanks, however FR measurements don't tell the full picture, and that's why more in depth technical reviews from people like Solderdude and Amir are very interesting, I've been bitten more than once purchasing equipment based on early impressions, for example, when released the Fidelio X2 were...
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    Sennheiser HD660S Review (Headphone)

    I love my 20+ year old HD600 and for between 300-400€ I would consider buying an improved refresh, but at almost 600€, the S2 it's not for me, maybe if my unit fails, the regular HD660 may do. Also, Fiio has just released a new headphone that FR wise, seems to be close to the Sennheiser HD6...
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    Best Audiophile Bluetooth headphones Topic

    I agree with the Aonic 50, soundwise it's one of the best available BT headphones, in my opinion still not as good as a decent open back, for example, but good for what it is. I'm curious about the upcoming Audeze Maxwell, more of a gaming headset than a portable device, but it has great...
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    FiiO K7

    I guess it depends on your needs, for pure DAC use, they should be interchangeable and audibly transparent, the DX3 Pro+ has a display and bluetooth input while the Fiio does not have any of those but instead has analog input (unbalanced), and a balanced HP amp. I already have a Fiio K5 pro, it...
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    FiiO K7

    From what I understand, at least it's what their website states, the attenuation is achieved by using a I2C controlled NJU72315b IC(1 or 2?), combined with a buffer opamp (one or more). On paper it seems to be similar to the Khada's Tone 2 volume control system. I think this unit would be...
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    New Topping L70 is just insane.

    I very much prefer the L70 over the A20h, regardless of price, for me having the headphones connection at the back isn't a great idea to say the least, otherwise, leaving that aside, for the current price the A20h is almost a bargain.
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    Fostex th909 only headphone that match bass quantity equivalent to harman target response curve

    I haven't listened to, or know the TH909, but quite often the open back headphones that have more bass quantity tend to be less open, something between fully-open and semi-open, also pad material plays a role, leather/faux leather tends to be bassier compared to velour/textile earpads. If you...
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    Topping D30 DAC Measurement and Review

    I no longer have my D30 (it died and got a refund), but it's UAC2 compatible (24/192 in this case), and as far as I remember there isn't a UAC1/UAC2 switch, so it may not work with the PS5. The solution may be to use the digital outputs of your TV, or buy a HDMI to SPDIF/Toslink box, and use it...
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    Mark Levinson 5909, new ANC wireless cans that advertise use of the Harman curve

    I agree, there are still improvements in the pipeline for bluetooth audio, including an upcoming Qualcomm lossless codec (16/44.1, not 24/96, though), and LE audio : According to Qualcomm their current generation...
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    Review and Measurements of Fiio K5 Pro

    From the press release from Fiio, I understand that the new ESS unit and the old AKM are functionally identical, gain levels are the same (three), and SINAD should be a bit higher, supossedly what afected SINAD was the volume control chip (SINAD was higher at lower voltage output levels, so it...
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    Philips Fidelio X2HR Review (headphone)

    X2 and X2HR are not the same in my experience, and the same EQ presets recommended for the HR, don't work well for the original (mine is an early production unit).
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    KEF m3 bluetooth earbuds

    I guess that FR curve is taken from this review : They seem to be quite good, but for the price I miss several things : aptX, LDAC and mainly hardware EQ. Judging by the lack of aptX probably the chipset is not Qualcomm but maybe Mediatek...
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    Little DOT MK3 SE (hybrid) - best headphone

    Planars normally have flat impedance curves, so the only problem of using a very low impedance and inefficient headphone may be that it could overstress the output stage, but I don't think that's the case here, so it will probably be just fine. I would just try it, and if it falls short look...
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    Review and Measurements of Fiio K5 Pro

    There are cheap USB isolators like the one you mention, the problem is that as far as I know, they don't support USB 2.0 data rates, normally max speed is 12 Mbps., and if I'm not mistaken that means max audio data format will be 24 bit/96 Khz : USB 1.0/Low-Speed: 1.5 Megabits per second...
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    Review and Measurements of Fiio K5 Pro

    If you have a USB hub at hand (I understand that's how you're using it), try to put it in the middle, or switch to optical. A galvanic isolator is better but sometimes a simple hub can also provide some power filtering and it may be enough.
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    Is HD800S worth it over HD600 with 4.5x price difference?

    The HD600's frequency response out of the box, at least for me (headphones are a very personal thing) is more correct than the HD800S's one in a large part of the spectrum, and without EQ, to me they sound more natural. Sure the HD800S has better technicalities and spatial qualities, and...
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    AKG K612. Has the faulty batch been fixed?

    My K702 are more than 5 years old and are still fine, so I wouldn't worry about it, I don't think reliability is bad at all, and if they fail they are easy and cheap to fix. Also have in mind that all headphones are subject to wear and tear, along the way it's inevitable to change at least the...
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    AKG K612. Has the faulty batch been fixed?

    The detachable cable is nice to have, but the mechanism inside the cups is the same, so the wires will have some flexing, but unless the soldering is defective they shouldn't fail anytime soon. I guess that apart from the cable the biggest difference are the earpads, angled (K702) or flat...
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