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    Introducing the Phono Cartridge Measurement Library

    Hello, You are my idol. Is it possible you please this peasant? Can you test the MP-200 with the MP500 stylus. This ad the hoc combination is common not only to save money but because of mass/arm compatibility. In the UK also some people retip the MP-200 with a paratrace stylus very similar to...
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    Cheap class D amps. Andrew Robinsons take.

    With all my respects, I took him seriously after his review of The B&W 606 which was the subjectivist equivalent to the ASR take on the 607. He is a salesman but I do appreciate his subjectives ear as he tends in my opinion to match ASR rather than not, I also like his in between lines...
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    ifi iPurifier3 USB Filter Review

    I bought once an iFi micro power supply for my turntable SONY PSHX500, I actually did it for the silly reason to experiment if it was truth that a different power supply would change wow and flutter (measured by an iPhone of course). I did try ifi only because Amir tested a similar product and I...
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    Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator Review (Phono Preamp)

    It is not only Cambridge Audio it’s performance is under the Rega Phono MM MK3, I would love more phono reviews on British Hi-Fi. Britain make a lot of the High-end class and I wonder if any can surpass the Cambridge duo.
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