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    Let's be a little nicer, especially to newcomers

    I do have to say that the generic topic deleted message sent by the moderators is extremely rude and unbecoming of ASR.
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    DIY Home Theater Kits

    How big is your room? What is the acoustic treatment? Does your AVR do room EQ? How wide is your desired listening position? It may be smaller front mains will produce the SPL you need and your center could be a regular articulate 2 way on end under the monitor with the tweeter appropriately...
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    A Call For Humor!

    The future is drone avatars
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    Celebrity RIP Thread

    Clarence Avant, Former Motown Chairman and ‘Godfather of Black Music,’ Dies at 92
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    Universal Music tape archive tour (long)

    Universal Music has several vaults. One is underground in an Iron Mountain facility.
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    A Call For Humor!

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    Best speakers for 6-car Garage Revel 126be's? or what else

    We provide free expert advice on ASR. Sometimes we engage in humor to justify the time commitment. I am serious in this and my other comments, I have worked as a recording engineer. A 60 foot by 30 foot by 8 foot space with a concrete floor will be terrible for music. The other option is silent...
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    Best speakers for 6-car Garage Revel 126be's? or what else

    I don't know the details, but a local home has an indoor basketball court cut into a hill. They converted it to a movie theater.
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    Best speakers for 6-car Garage Revel 126be's? or what else

    I would strongly suggest hiring an acoustical engineer with dual experience in concert halls and garages. And since you are at the design stage, follow your acoustical consultant advice on the ceiling height. Your DOT maximum height is 14' so when you put your Prevost on the lift, you are going...
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    Is it possible to have a subwoofer in an apartment without disturbing others? and competitors
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    Using an oscilloscope to do my own tests

    There are 2 families of condenser microphones: electret (self) polarized and externally polarized from the phantom or a battery. The capsule which is a variable capacitor as you mention is connected to the gate of an FET or the grid of a tube. Then the gain is extracted by the variable current...
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    Using an oscilloscope to do my own tests

    I think people are answering assuming you have an ordinary oscilloscope, but I glanced at the manual for your usb test device. The phantom mic circuit is very simple, and you can buy external ones. The mic can tolerate some phantom noise, but you don't want your microphone preamp to amplify...
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    Painting/wrapping SVS PB1000 pro to match KEF R series?

    The subwoofer has zero high frequency content. So any fabric that air can move through will be acoustically transparent. It should be easy to remove the old fabric from the grille frame and fabric with some stretch will go around the rounded corners. It would be simple to cover the sides and...
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    Avantone CLA-10 (Yamaha NS-10M Clone) Review

    Yes, this is done when shooting movies within the "title safe" and "action safe" frame borders. It is a voluntary decision by the director and whoever releases the final product. There were conflicts between directors and TV broadcasters reformatting 4:3 to 16:9 for ATSC - pan and scan vs...
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    Wood acoustic diffusers have become a decorative item - loved the idea!

    Thanks! All those plaster curlicues around the stage in classic concert halls were discovered by "early acousticians." They are too labor-intensive to make today. Maybe large scale 3-d printing will open new possibilities.
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    Avantone CLA-10 (Yamaha NS-10M Clone) Review

    Of course, like music, artistic visual decisions exist in a calibrated system. Color management in medical imaging is used too. The professional video & image world is calibrated. That would be analogous to the good calibration of the Audio Precision, the Klippel microphone, or the measurement...
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    Avantone CLA-10 (Yamaha NS-10M Clone) Review

    Yes. Our sensory systems are complex and vary person to person. Instruments, halls, electronics, and speakers vary. In any mechanical system, the vibration of the instrument, the microphone, the speaker, the room, and the eardrum, bones, and cochlea will have complex nonlinearities. The cochlea...
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    Long cables: interconnect vs speaker (plus cable cosmetics)

    From science, 25' of 12 gauge copper zip cord cable is .0397 Ohms, 500 pico-Farads, and 5 milli-Henrys. What is the resistance, capacitance, and inductance of your speakers? I would guess much, much greater in comparison. Maybe the ASR lab needs a swept frequency LC tester? Interesting...
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    Avantone CLA-10 (Yamaha NS-10M Clone) Review

    What happened to nice? Nice + informative?
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