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    7Hz x Crinacle Zero:2 IEM Review

    2024 begins with Zero2.
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    Is something going on with L7audiolab?

    Wolf left his website behind because he was building a mansion for himself, one of many that he owns. It is probably done by now but I don't think he would make a comeback any time soon. He has so many expensive hobbies like motorcycles, bicycles, car-racing, photography, and art-dealing. I can...
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    I just got the Geshelli Archel2.5 XL to replace the L50 at home for the sole reason that it matches the look of RME better.
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    I have seen your red stack, looks fire! One of the L50 was part of my home setup. Since I just bought a Geshelli amp so brought the L50 to my office and expended my E50+L50 combo. Not much practical use but I like how they look.
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    Topping L50 Review (Headphone Amp)

    My L50 just completed mitosis. ;)
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    [SOLD][US]: Genelec 8341A Studio Monitor Speakers Pair

    Let the lady I would reimburse your gas money haha
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    Genelec 8341A SAM™ Studio Monitor Review

    I have a pair of Genelec 8341A for sale.
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    [SOLD][US]: Genelec 8341A Studio Monitor Speakers Pair

    I have a pair of Genelec 8341A for sale. This sale include the following items, Genelec 8341A Studio Monitor x2 GLM Kit x1 The speakers will be shipped in their original boxes. The speakers are cosmetically pristine and have no functional issue. Local pickup in San Jose. Asking $4500. PayPal...
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    Power Sequencer with Handheld Remote, Any Recommendations?

    As titled, I am looking to buy a power sequencer that can be controlled using a handheld remote. Let me know if you know a good one. Thanks.
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    Nan-7 Planar Magnetic Headphone Review

    As a former owner I must say these are the driest headphones I've ever owned. They sound like if I was in the middle of a sand storm.
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    TRUTHEAR x Crinacle Zero Red

    When I heard red I expected to see flamboyant lipstick color, but this red looks like antique furniture.
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    Post photo of your desktop setup

    I actually thought about using 4367 in a desktop system like you did, but they were not tall enough. What is your thoughts on Salon2 vs 4367?
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    Post photo of your desktop setup

    Looks nice actually! How is the image?
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    Topping L70 Headphone Amp Review

    I have a Topping L70 for sale:
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