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    Dan Clark Stealth Review (State of the Art Headphone)

    I own the stealth and owned 9200. The 9200 was my favorite until I heard stealth. It seems like E3 is similar to stealth? So hopefully this is useful. 9200/stealth are not really similar, to my recollection. Cost no object, I would use 9200 as my on-the-go overear if they fit your ears...
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    New Dutch&Dutch loudspeakers.

    Bigger and smaller 8C, then? Was also hoping for a center/horizontal option, but I can understand how it's probably a (very) low priority for them. The 8C is my all-time favorite, so excited nonetheless.
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    Two quality centres vs Three average?

    Confusing post - three centers on a Denon receiver? A phantom center split between two centers? 5" driver down to 60Hz? You mean, "down to" in the sense that it can be reasonably crossed over to subs?
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    Legendary producer Steve Albini dead at 61

    Hometown hero, extraordinary loss not just in terms of musical output but the way he operates as a businessman and human. Many will already know the big names (Pixies, Nirvana, PJ Harvey, maybe/hopefully Jesus Lizard and Godspeed You Black Emperor) but I can absolutely recommend Clouds...
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    My 2.1 audio system update G 8050 vs 8351

    For your use case, it would be hard to justify the 8351's as opposed to 8050's, basic room treatment (unless you already have?) and a better/additional sub for the same $. Genelec subs are not worth it for home users. I'm selling my 8351s and 8050s, BTW :)
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    There's not really enough information here for any useful feedback. At a minimum, would need budget and room size. Also details on what "immersive" means to you - presumably atmos, but I'm not sure how one would DJ Atmos content? So some kind of upmixer would likely be involved, but from what...
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    FS/US: Genelec 8361A pair - grey - $7500

    Selling my 8361A's - I actually have 3 of these, but haven't decided on selling the 3rd (used as center). if that interests you, please contact me and we can discuss
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    FS/US: Genelec 8351B - grey - $6000

    Selling my 8351B's
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    FS/USA: Genelec 8050B w full warranty

    Selling a pair of 8050B's w full warranty. Opened the boxes to ensure I got what I ordered, but never actually used. Decided to go with Ones instead but it was too late for return. $2600 shipped to CONUS; will ship anywhere, contact me for estimate
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    Genelec Subs for 8340 and 8330 in Mch. Dual 7360 or single 7370

    That looks great compared to Windows. Have you ever tried an Atmos MKV?
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    How effective would heavy ceiling treatment work here?

    TY, that part I do think I understand; I'm not sure what speakers offer significantly narrower dispersion? Line arrays?
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    Active Room Treatment (ART) by Dirac

    Sorry if I've missed it; I've seen it asked a few times but never saw a response. one cannot use subs as supports for ART?
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    How effective would heavy ceiling treatment work here?

    I'm certainly open to this, but I'm not sure what speakers meet that criteria? Thanks so much for this; REW is a bit overwhelming given my time constraints.
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