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    "Music-First Audiophile" Manifesto by John Darko

    This entire thread - violent agreement and all - reminds me of the old adage about opinions, which I'll refrain from recounting. To add my own smelly contribution, as a musician, recovering engineer, and music lover, I tend to take an approach that verifiably infuriates everybody. It's not...
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    ASR MEMBERS: What System Would YOU Choose To Blow Away Non-Audiophiles?

    To this point, I've found that the thing that impresses "normal" people the most - and either strong curiosity or defensiveness from self-proclaimed audiophiles (you know the type) - is fixing obvious problems whatever they already have. Stuff like turning on crossovers on subs, making speakers...
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    wondom bru5 pc dsp configurable TPA 3255 "300w x 2" mini amplifier

    I got these from the official user manual, which is linked on the Amazon listing for the TPA3255 version (scroll down a ways and you'll see the text link). The first should work - it did on both my units. I did notice that it only takes if you hold for at least 10 seconds from the moment you...
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    wondom bru5 pc dsp configurable TPA 3255 "300w x 2" mini amplifier

    Conceptually, I totally agree. At least in my two units, though, the execution left something to be desired - there's just too much of a gap between the plate and the case. I'm going to put a solid, thicker TIM in there and see if that helps.
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    wondom bru5 pc dsp configurable TPA 3255 "300w x 2" mini amplifier

    One more note - the current version of the TPA3255 BRU5 uses 63V power supply caps, so continuous 48V operation is no longer a game of roulette (provides you also address the highly questionable thermal interface between the heatsink and the case). Mine does, anyway. YMMV, probably.
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    wondom bru5 pc dsp configurable TPA 3255 "300w x 2" mini amplifier

    FYI - there is a simple way to set the device to default to aux/analog input: 1. With the power off, press and hold the pairing button. 2. Turn the power on while still holding the pairing button. Keep holding for 10 seconds. 3. Release the pairing button, then switch the power off. The next...
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    Review and Measurements of Massdrop THX AAA 789 Amp

    Totally eclipses? Nope. There's just cheaper stuff out now with similar power and transparency. That said, ditching one of these for something else newer and marginally better measuring (but in the same class) seems like a fool's errand - they're still great.
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    FS: RME ADI-2 DAC FS v1 [US only] - $825 shipped

    Selling my RME ADI-2 DAC FS, version 1 with the old remote. It's in good shape, save a few minor scuffs I noticed on the top cover when I took it out in the light to take pictures of it. Comes with original box, remote, power cable, etc. I've had it since new and it's been serving as my desktop...
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    Review and Measurements of Massdrop THX AAA 789 Amp

    A good dollop of electronics cleaner (to dissolve the WD-40), followed by some Deoxit D (to deoxidize the wiper/element), then Deoxit F (to lube up the same), has worked well for me under similar circumstances.
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    Mhdt Labs Pagoda Review (R2R Tube DAC)

    One's a DAC, the other is a power amplifier. One is an implementation of the sampling theorem to reconstruct analog signals from digital (sampled) signals, the other just amplifies analog signals. One introduces out-of-band spuriae that alias into the audible output as a fundamental...
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    Dual DA10004D Review (Car Amplifier)

    I have the cheap-and-cheerful little sibling to the V9, the PDR-V75, in my pickup truck. I had the V9 in a different car. Apples to oranges obviously, but subjectively, I can't tell the difference between them from a power and noise floor perspective even though the stats for the V75 are quite a...
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    How close can I get the sound of my vinyl setup to my digital setup

    Much of that "richness" and "sound stage" you're experiencing with your digital setup is a) good stereo separation and b) low distortion, neither of which the vinyl format inherently delivers. You can improve both to some extent, but that's largely down to your cartridge and the quality of your...
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    NHT C3 Review (3-way speaker)

    This looks pretty good, even uncorrected ... especially if you overlay the Harman curve instead. Have you tried correcting only to 500Hz?
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    Lavaudio DS600 Review (Stereo DAC)

    Agreed. By making a copy (and assuming that's what this is, and not a white box Topping rebrand), they don't have to bake the cost of R&D into their price. Topping's already taken the hit - the shyster can just ride on their coattails. Easy money.
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    Universal Audio Apollo X16 Review

    Effectively, yes, plus as an ADC and multichannel DAC for the music setup.
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    Universal Audio Apollo X16 Review

    The beautiful thing about a pro audio interface like this is its near complete flexibility. For example, you can arbitrarily route any number of inputs, irrespective of whether they're digital or analog, to any number of digital or analog outputs and vice versa; you can use the device as a clock...
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    Universal Audio Apollo X16 Review

    Though, for those of us with nightshade allergies, the output is likely to be highly distorted ...
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    Revel F328Be Speaker Review

    +1. My HDI 3600s, which have vaguely similar low end response per Amir's Klippel measurements, have an F3 of ~27Hz in room running full range. Even my old LS50s, up on 30" stands, managed to hit mid 40s in this room before farting out. Now that I'm running those same LS50s near field in my...
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    Apollon Hypex NC2K Monoblock Amplifier Review

    Alas, we'd need 672,000 of these monoblocks to cleanly power a flux capacitor ...
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    Apollon Hypex NC2K Monoblock Amplifier Review

    This comment reminds me, I need to get my Nord NC500 back to Amir for a retest now that it's fronted by Neurochrome input buffers. In its original form (with the original Hypex eval input buffers), it was the DUT for his original NC500 test; its as-tested mid-power linearity didn't match Hypex...
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