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    Stereo Crosstalk Elimination (reduction) Par Excellence!

    I love that you have the spirit and curiosity to build and experiment with this. The science is far beyond me, but it is nevertheless interesting.
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    Alternative Stands for Magnepan LRS+

    The sound was as if a veil was lifted..........just kidding. It did seem to raise the apparent height of the imaging. This is my take on it: I kept the original stands on my 1.7, then I added the vertical supports of the...
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    Is it normal to have multiple amps in this hobby?

    In this hobby, the enemy of GOOD is BETTER.
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    Mono or stereo 3,5mm cable for 12v trigger?

    Some equipment will work with either cable, but some will only work with a mono cable. When in doubt, a mono cable will work with all triggers.
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    Converting fixed outputs to variable outputs?

    Here is something from car audio that may offer a solution for you. This is not an endorsement of this particular device, just a representative. It would be nice to know if it attenuates or alters the signal in any way, which of course would be undesirable...
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    Converting fixed outputs to variable outputs?

    As Blumlein 88 said, there are subs out there with high level inputs that will accept the signals from your speaker cables. It is the best solution if you have no preamp outputs.
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    Everything you ever wanted to know about Line Arrays ( but we’re afraid to ask)

    Has anyone ever auditioned the Carver ALS speaker? I'm really curious as to how they sound.
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    Movie directors with a sonic signature

    Scorsese. Specifically, Goodfellas.
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    Favorite Audiophile Movies

    Almost Famous
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    How's my decay?

    I recommend reducing the consumption of sugar and regular toothbrushing. Also, consult with your dental professional.
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    Rice cooker recommendations?

    If you use a Zojirushi rice cooker and mod it with an Audioquest power cord, your rice will taste better. Like a veil lifted off of your taste buds.
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    First Martin Logan Speaker?!?! Which one

    I do find the look of a ML electrostat to be quite attractive. I've always wondered how the sound compares to a Magnepan.
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    Most cringeworthy Movie Cliche.

    Speeding car hits the back of a parked car, rolling over it and flipping.
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    Corvette or 911

    If it doesn't have manual transmission, it gets excluded from my list.
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    Imaging and Sound stage

    Sound stage is the illusion that instruments or vocalists are presented on a stage in front of you. The width and depth of the stage will vary with room geometry, speaker type, speaker placement, acoustic treatment, etc. Imaging is the illusion that an individual instrument/performer is placed...
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    Parasound Under New Ownership

    I hope Schram chose carefully.
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