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    Amp recommendation

    Can recommend the topping l30ii,I'm using it with gustard x16 dac /ifi zen stream and hifiman sundara,shit load of clean power
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    Lyngdorf MP-40 2.1 AV Processor Review

    Don't understand why people pay this crazy money for av,performance is good but should be better for the price,ud get better performance for around £1000 for a good av with pre outs and £1200 for a external amp
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    Value AVR with pre-outs (for Fosi Audio V3 Monos)

    there is plenty off second hand Marantz 6012/6013/7012 ,all have pre outs
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    Advice on AVR - how would you spend your money?

    you could do what I did,pick up a second av with all the latest trued/dolby atoms ect,use its pre outs only an nd then a used 7channel amp like arcam p1000 ,I got the arcam 7channel p1000 for £350,and Marantz 6012 av for £200
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    Hifiman Ananda Nano Headphone Review

    Oh wow,I waiting for this,nearly hit the buy button a few times to compare to my sundara,
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    Cheapest way to get a PC with i7 and 64 GB of RAM?

    Check amazon or ebay,I got a 6 core i59500 8gb ram 256gb nve for £180
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    F/S: Denafrips ares 2

    Selling my denafrips ares 11,6months old imported from cost me £760 total with import fee looking for £590
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