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    Marantz Cinema 50 installed

    Hi. DIRAC does offer a 30 day evaluation of the license.
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    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    Thank you. I guess I’ll stick to using two FLEX units then.
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    RPi + CamillaDSP Tutorial

    Hi guys. I own a MARANTZ AV 10 with four discreet subwoofer outputs, and I use a Pi4 + miniDSP balanced FLEX for EZ BEQ. The AV 10 supports up to 50ms of delay. Currently, using the FLEX, I only have 2 discreet inputs on it. I have a want for 4 discreet independent inputs. I actually bought a...
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    The VSX-LX505 or TX-RZ50

    If using the PC/Mac app the mic, preferably a UMIK 1, or UMIK 2, you connect the mic to the PC, or laptop. The PC sends the calibration to the AVR. Not really any dealbreaker. It’s a pretty good unit for the money. I used it to get my toe wet using DIRAC. I was happy with it. I also used it as...
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    The VSX-LX505 or TX-RZ50

    I’ve had the RZ50, JBL SDP 58, and now the MARANTZ AV10. I always use a laptop or PC, or MAC to run DIRAC for any processor, or AVR. DIRAC is a separate entity. They make and update their Window, and MAC app that works on all DIRAC enabled products regularly. I would go that route.
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    No longer for sale : Rythmik G25HP-SE Piano Black Finish

    Finally moved in to the new place very recently, but there is a lot if work to be done to make it home. Practically all my possessions are still packed up, and I'm sleeping on a broken sofa (movers broke it), and surrounded by boxes. .......Unforseen property damage, and repairing leaky pipes...
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    Has anybody heard the new KEF KF92 sub? What are your opinions?

    I have 4 subs, two are KF92. Great subs, that punch well above their suprisingly small size. Get two of them if you can.
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    SOLD!!!: QD OLED SONY 65 A95K TV with about 4yrs extended warranty - $2,200

    Thanks, price adjusted, a little, but do note "with about 4yrs extended warranty"
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    SOLD!!!: QD OLED SONY 65 A95K TV with about 4yrs extended warranty - $2,200

    I'm moving soonish, and have for your consideration: I'm asking $2200 My 65A95K SONY QD OLED with about 4yrs extended warranty. It includes everything and the retail box. I never used the stand, the included camera, or remote. It was only wall mounted, and I operated it with my Harmony...
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    FS: High-End Networking - NETGEAR Switches, NETGEAR Mesh Extender, and SYNOLOGY E10G21-F2 Dual 10Gb cards

    For your consideration I have in new, or like new, very low usage: Managed 10-Port Gigabit/ 10G Ethernet Plus Switch (GS110EMX) - $160 Unmanaged PoE+ 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch (GS108PP) - $95...
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