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    What might a "sensible" vinyl playback setup look like?

    Somewhere in the 300-500 euro range I'd say. I had a simple turntable (forgot the brand) with a Rega RB-251 arm and a decent Denon cart and that was about the top end of that (I used the phono stage on my Marantz PM-16). Sounded fine. Its never going to sound as good as a CD, but it has its charm.
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    Class D amp long term reliability

    I bought my NC400's second hand a couple of years ago and they are still going strong. Just remember that people that have issues are more likely to post about them.
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    B&W 802 D3 for 8500$ -> Is it worth it?

    Revel Performa3 or Be series with 8" woofers is where I'd start. Revel generally has a wide and smooth dispersion. KEF is also smooth, but a bit more narrow. Depends on your preference which you like beter, I'd start with Revel.
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    Multiple screens on modern laptops- please advise

    Even if you really need the camera to be there you can stack 2 32:9 screens on top of each other with some space between. Driving two screens is child's play.
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    Multiple screens on modern laptops- please advise

    What is the camera in the middle used for in that setup? Is a single large 4K screen not an option? That's the same screen real estate as 4 1080p screens.
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    Multiple screens on modern laptops- please advise

    Docking stations these days are practically dongles anyway.
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    New Purifi 9040 now out on the Purifi Web site!

    Ah nice, then its going to be the PSU. PC PSU's that provide that kind of power are designed for continuous operation and they all have a 120MM fan to be able to do that.
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    New Purifi 9040 now out on the Purifi Web site!

    I looked it up, but the top one is still rated for 2500W (250V 10A) according to IEC 60320. Should be plenty, but can't hurt I guess. 2000W PC PSU's also use the bottom connector (it will pull more than 2000W, because it needs to provide 2000W), then again the loads on that will be consistently...
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    New Purifi 9040 now out on the Purifi Web site!

    I don't get it. You mean the socket? How do you know its not already rated for the full 230V/16A
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    How can a Ne5322 sound so much better than a Ne5532...???

    Could be anything. Could be fake and not meeting specs, there could be differences in output levels, or perhaps there is simply an actual difference in specs or its all just placebo. Without a proper level-matched ABX you will never know for sure if you are actually hearing a difference, Even if...
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    AKG K60 Vintage Headphone Review

    If these are meant for humans, that must mean I'm not human because they are clearly not meant for me.
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    Paul McGowan throws in the towel (Not really but it’s movement in the right direction)

    Jesus, what a bunch negative Andys here. Guy is going to do something we all want, and he is being honest about why he is doing it and still people complain.
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    What objective measurements qualify as "High Fidelity"?

    In terms of electronics you can find a decent answer here:
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    beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headphone Review

    I haven't used the HD 650, but I just wanted to say that something feeling like a plastic toy doesn't say much about ruggedness. The HD25 is just cheap plastic and feels like shit, but its completely indestructible.
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    Where in the data can we see qualities like 'soundstage' or 'detail retrieval'

    Soundstage probably also has to do with the width of the radiation pattern for a loudspeaker. More reflected sound makes it sound wider (but perhaps at the cost of the ability to precisely pin an instrument's location). But as others say above: the recording is probably the most important aspect.
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    Help unknown DAC brand

    That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying that the terms you use to describe your experiences are vague and unclear to such an extend that it is hard to understand what you are actually trying to say. I have no idea what the Bible to do with it though.
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    Help unknown DAC brand

    Oh I've heard all these terms over the years and they have never meant anything to me. Interestingly enough the only term I didn't highlight in your original post was harsh, because I thought the definition of that would be rather simple: an excess somewhere in the treble or midrange, most...
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    Help unknown DAC brand

    Can you define the terms I've highlighted in your post, its not quite clear what you mean with those. Currently its hard to understand what you are saying exactly. Its much easier to convey what you want to say if you speak in terms of dB levels, frequency or distortion numbers.
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    New Topping products announced as of may 2024

    Hiss is barely noticeable on the T5V. More importantly is how low it can play and at what SPL levels. With a 4" woofer you really need a subwoofer, with a 5" its not a must.
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    New Topping products announced as of may 2024

    It has to be for a pair, because if its for a single one its easy to buy something better for a established brand that performs objectively well. Even if its $276 a pair it isn't as much of a bargain as it looks. First off, the $276 will of course be a bit more outside of China, so I'm guessing...
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