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    Tanchjim Origin IEM Review

    A quick perusal of google doesn't show the company snake oiling these to any great degree. It looks like these are being offered as a "high quality materials" edition, alongside the inexpensive, great IEMs they also offer. I can't see fault with that. Maybe there's advertising claiming these are...
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    JBL Conceal C62 Invisible Speaker Review

    Thanks GX! I was just about to query if anyone knew of a version with more bass, I stayed at a place with an install like this and it was surprisingly bass capable. I couldn't figure out at the time if they'd just built a sub in the wall, but that looks more likely. Perfect for the right state...
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    Marantz AV10 AV Processor Review

    This seems like an odd way to do this. Why not use something with pre-amp outputs, record the signal at the pre-amp outputs with a beyond human competent adc, and then match the recorded files with spectral analysis? That removes your room/speaker/amp chain, and gets you to just the...
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    External decoder for surround sound?

    Too late now, but I did come across what purports to be a real dts/ac3 to multi-channel decoder...
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    External decoder for surround sound?

    All the aliexpress/amazon breakout extractors I'm aware of will only put pcm signals out the rcas. So if you have a dolby digital or dts hdmi signal, it won't process it, though they will usually break the signal into an spdif port which looks like it would be useful to you. I've used one of...
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    StormAudio ISP 16 MK2 Review (AV Processor)

    That's a method, sure, where's the results? Again, I'll take measurements that show an appreciable gain. But as I've so far seen, these multi point based room corrections should stay below schroeder when they need to be used, and at that rate the end result shows little disparity amongst the...
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    StormAudio ISP 16 MK2 Review (AV Processor)

    Don't see where this says the measurements I'd accept are frequency response, so set that strawman aside and get useful measurements. Additionally, as Mitchco pointed out (essentially to you) here, all these multi measurement systems do well in shown freq. response, so that was really your best...
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    StormAudio ISP 16 MK2 Review (AV Processor)

    Post it up, every thing I've read so far has shown little to no difference when you're actually in a room making measurements. I'll take measurements in a given room showing real improvement from one to the other. It doesn't tell us anything about how they perform across different types of...
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    StormAudio ISP 16 MK2 Review (AV Processor)

    The problem with the cost ranges of the various AVRs is the implied performance they bring as the costs rise. It's the same sort of performance via obfuscation that offers the potential for snake oil this industry has been beset with for years. Selling ever more costly products that mostly...
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    How is LFE made?

    Just crap mixing, there's been all kinds of it in the audio multi channel world over the years. At one point, there was a version of logic 7 which worked on 5.1 audio even if using only 5.1 speakers because so many mixes would just use the front left/right with no center.
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    Kef R3 Bookshelf Speaker Review (Erin's Audio Corner)

    When the 80hz crossover really took off, it was because it was IIRC a couple octaves below what the best test subjects could localize when they were hammering out the THX standard. Which is to say that a steeper slope then 4th order or two subs co-located would let you go higher then 80hz with...
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    Revel C208 Review (Center Speaker)

    Setting aside the power issues, smaller woofers (and so less total distance) should also fix this issue right? It seems better on the Infinity R263, is this why?
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    Dynaudio Emit M10 Review (bookshelf speaker)

    Just read the article, even they think it's odd that it's 20/12 and not 24/12. Also, as they mentioned this seemingly odd crossover (24/12) is the thx spec holdover, which was built when active crossovers were seemingly quite expensive. The intent was that you'd use sealed speakers whose boxes...
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    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    That's what I'm saying though, those two numbers may as well be the names of the two pieces you're both talking about, because those sinad numbers just don't have enough information to tell us whether they're good or bad, right? As in, a sinad that high largely created from distortion rather...
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    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    So, isn't this is why sinad kind of sucks? It could be noise, it could be distortion. If it's noise, then it's bad. But if it's distortion, most speakers distort notably more then that, do they not?
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    Anthem AVM60 Review (AV Processor)

    It's not that this is bad per se, it's more that for $1700 less you can pick up a 3700h. And while I've seen little to no evidence that ARC is better then xt32 + app, what I have seen is what you can do with $1700 put into something other then a nameplate. Extra sub? Better speakers? Lots of...
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    Sigma ADAU1701 Review (DSP Board)

    So given the adau1701, is this a rough equivalent of what we're likely to find in a non hd minidsp? At about half the price, and with the ability to go to six or eight outputs with relative ease and low cost, that's a comparative bargain.
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    Is the LXmini by Siegfried Linkwitz the answer for home audio?

    As this spectre has been raised again, I'm curious, how do those with this speaker like it when playing decidedly not acoustic music? I'm much more in the home theater realm these days, and have waxed and waned with building a set of these vs. a more typical 5.25"/3"/.75" active three way. ADD...
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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Tear Down

    Hmm, when there's racks on my desktop I usually turn the volume down a bit.
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    Are measurements really telling the whole story?

    That's a whole lot of typing to try to gloss over that a very obvious statement was made by Killdozer, which in turn flew right over your head. As to the typing, you love things that aren't in the original signal? Your call killer, but that's just personal preference, and doesn't imply your...
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