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    Topping E50 Review (Balanced DAC)

    i am finding the output of my E50 a bit too high in dac mode, supplying my Project Ember amp. cant get past 8 oclock on the vol pot. would i be best off using the E50 in pre mode and turning volume down or using rca attenuators? have read that both options can degrade the sound
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    protection for single ended headphone output

    just recently sold my SS headphone amp following an issue where something went pop inside. cant be sure but, i have a feeling the single ended headphone jack was not fully in and the vol pot not fully down at the point where it died. i remember reading somewhere that it is "best practice" to...
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    Inside of an SPL Phonitor SE (DAC768xs) Headphone AMP

    moved mine on. searching for an alternative, again!!
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    warm sonic signature

    am i right in thinking that a warm sounding amp sounds this way purely due to harmonic distortion, regardless of it being tube or solid state?
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    Inside of an SPL Phonitor SE (DAC768xs) Headphone AMP

    i have just received a used Topping E50, so i am hoping that is me done on the dac front. going to sell the SPL and i did fancy a Vio V222, but the price......... i think Jot 2 ticks all the boxes for me.
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    Sennheiser HD620S

    was very close to taking a punt on a Kennerton Magni or JM XTC-c, will wait now to try the 620 1st. might actually save me some money. lately i have been using an MDR-Z7m2 as my "closed" option, although , with the amount of ports they have in the cups i class them more as semi-open
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    Inside of an SPL Phonitor SE (DAC768xs) Headphone AMP

    i'll avoid the RNHP too then. i notice you have a Jot2, how does it compare to the Phonitor?
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    Inside of an SPL Phonitor SE (DAC768xs) Headphone AMP

    i have one of these, but i would not refer to mine as "beloved". considering other options that are a bit more forgiving if you forget to wind the vol pot down before disconnecting headphones. i think the "X" varient was tested on here and failed miserably with lower impedance loads, so these...
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    Schiit Midguard just died and the blue smoke escaped

    had the exact same thing happen to my Phonitor SE. luckily the supplier repaired it. now i use balanced cables only with an adapter to single ended. i leave the adapter plugged in to the amp all the time and only ever unplug at the xlr connector. unfortunately for me i have the Phonitor SE...
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    Sold/EU [France] : RME ADI-2 v1 shipped within France : 620€

    would depend on type and quality of any capacitor
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    Topping E30 DAC Review

    sold quickly. got a E50 on the cheap to replace it, just to cover any balanced options in the future.
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    Topping E30 DAC Review

    my E30 is on ebay if anyone interested
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    finally got the E30 working in exclusive mode. re-installed the driver several times over the last day or two and eventually it started playing ball. did try wasapi and asio but neither solved the issue. both deleted now. happy days. £60 well spent for once in my life.
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    please dont ask me to get technical as i am not that knowledgable, but in "exclusive" mode all the windows 10 processing is bypassed and therefore should provide a bit-perfect output. 99% of the time i am using usb from my pc using foobar. if its not exclusive i get other things playing at the...
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    i do like both the Qutest and E30 sonically. the Qutest is going as it can fund another headphone. the E30, i cant get to run in exclusive mode. maybe a driver issue. not had this problem with a dac for a long time now and it niggles me. will keep it until i either solve the issue or replace it...
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    What do folks here think of products like the Matrix Element H

    i was about to ask the exact same thing. have seen "Passion for sound" youtube review of the element H and an alternative from Jcat. i cant see what these can offer over all the various products from the likes of Ifi. i am currently selling an Ifi nano iusb3 on ebay , because it seems to do very...
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    after just a few hours of listening to the E30, i am not sure i will be keeping it. BUT, i am sure that i will NOT be keeping the Qutest. if nothing else, this little test has proved that, for my ears, the Qutest (good as it is) is not worth what i paid for it. i have had my eye on another...
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    Review and Measurements of CHORD Qutest DAC

    well i have started comparing the Qutest and E30, but i do have a problem trying to get the E30 to operate in excluseive mode via foobar. soundwise, the jury is out!!
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    How do you hear headphone 'soundstage'

    i actually meant dac/cd etc. sorry i should have been clearer edited now
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